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Shop to Stop Slavery releases ethical Christmas & Holiday gift guide

Chains of force labor
Chains of force labor
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As we approach the holidays, the focus of many becomes the task of figuring out what gifts to buy for our loved ones. Retail establishments are more than willing to nudge us with ideas as they bombard the airwaves with commercials advertising the latest and the coolest and the most techno-savviest gifts to hit the market. So what’s a shopper to do?

Well, anti-human trafficking activist Robin Rossmanith of Jacksonville has a few tips and suggestions for holiday shopping, or shopping at any time during the year for that matter, that we as consumers should heed.

Rossmanith said, “Many of the products purchased in the Western Hemisphere are produced by slaves or exploited groups of people. It’s a shame that the items that bring joy to our children, friends and family members are created in a manner that brings suffering to others.”

Compelled by her growing knowledge and expertise in the area of human trafficking, Rossmanith founded Shop to Stop Slavery in 2010. A new concept website, is devoted to raising awareness about human trafficking and informing consumers about products that are made with forced labor.

To augment her endeavors and make holiday shopping easier, she has created the unique 2010 Ethical Christmas & Holiday Gift Guide.This free downloadable guide provides consumers with over 100 U.S.-based stores and links that offer slave-free alternative products, demonstrated by the “fair trade certified” label or shown to be made ethically. Socially conscious consumers can save hours in researching the right gift, can make the statement that products manufactured from the sweat of forced labor is unacceptable, and importantly, will support manufacturers and brands that are committed to not exploiting others.

Rossmanith said, “Even the seemingly little things like the Christmas gifts you buy can make a big impact toward ending the exploitation of those people worldwide who are at most risk.”

To get a copy of the 2010 Ethical Christmas & Holiday Gift Guide, visit Or if you would like more information, you can contact Robin Rossmanith at 904-838-5339or online at


  • Ms "V" 4 years ago

    Won't be doing that much shopping this year. We've been blessed all year long. This is good information for those who will be out Christmas shopping or anytime. Good post Sherrie.

  • bevmucha 4 years ago

    Great info for those shopping for Christmas.

    Winona Cooking Examiner
    Winona Home and Living Examiner

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