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Shop Cute Clearance Now

Celebs at the Peter Pilotto for Target Launch Event
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Target

Spring has arrived. Brighter days mean buying new apparel and trendy things to keep up with the stylish set. So, what happens to all of the winter merchandise? It becomes a part of a clearance section. And now is the time to check those departments out. It is easy to find awesome stuff off -season at the absolute best prices. At times, some on season is also clearance.

Why shop clearance? Doesn't that mean that these items weren't attractive enough to make the cut? Actually, it could be a very simple supply and demand issue. Some stores like Target may discount items that didn't sell or were sent in a surplus to their location. If these garments are on clearance, the store will believe that the lower prices will move this merchandise. Attraction to lower price tags decreases that resistance. Of course, who can resist a deep discount?

For a great example of fashionable clearance clothing, Target would be the perfect store to visit. The beautiful collaboration with Peter Pilotto and the mass merchandiser debuted on Sunday, February 9th. The colorful palette and graphic design concept is very much befitting modern fashion and runway trends. Plus Peter Pilotto is a British luxury couture designer with a very strong following. After some time in the coveted front aisle space, this capsule ready-to-wear collection has made its way to the clearance section.

Clearance with the Peter Pilotto collection definitely means more than winter clothing. Spring/Summer style statements are available in this line with discounts from 50-75% off retail! The best chance of finding anything from the collection is not online, but in- store. Each store has a different selection, based on what sold and what didn't. Size availability may vary. Getting lucky would probably mean shopping now for those last great deals from this funky, edgy line. Run, don't walk for the best prices on Peter Pilotto for Target!

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