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Shoot as you grow bow

The PSE Vision (on top), and the Hoyt Ignite (bottom) are two serious hunting bows that feature incredible ranges of adjustments.
The PSE Vision (on top), and the Hoyt Ignite (bottom) are two serious hunting bows that feature incredible ranges of adjustments.
Robert Clark

Years ago, youths had little hope of picking up a bow and doing serious elk hunting with dad. Many young teenagers did not have the strength to draw back a bow strong enough to legally hunt elk. This changed in recent years with the development of the Matthews Genesis Bow which introduced the concept of the one compound bow that fits all.

Since then, nearly every major bow manufacturer has added a shoot as you grow bow. What is most remarkable about these bows is they are as accurate, efficient, and deadly as the typical compound bow. They will often have adjustable draw weights from 15 to 70 pounds and draw lengths adjustable from 13 inches to 30 inches.

This innovation has allowed a younger generation to be involved in serious bow hunting, not just target practice. They are able to develop the muscle strength, through very affordable means, to participate in hunting at a younger age.

Being able to use the same bow as one develops from a young archer to an adult hunter saves great expense as one might normally have had purchased several bows during that development. Such technology encourages many women to archery hunt as it allows gradual muscle development. For example, in Oregon, one can not hunt elk with less than a 50 pound bow. A less than athletic women determined to meet this challenge can have ample opportunity to develop the strength on a “shoot as you grow bow”.

Another advantage of this new technology is the flexibility one has in passing the same bow from one shooter to another. For example, one may have several teenagers that show interest but not at the same time. If one teenager looses interest in archery hunting, the bow can easily be adjusted for the other. The only new purchase one may need to make is arrows of a different length.

These highly adjustable compound bows have opened up a brand new world of possibility for hopeful archery hunters and mentors looking to introduce new individuals to archery. It seems the only thing left is to develop a highly adjustable bow that accommodates both right and left hand shooters.

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