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ShoFIGHT CEO rewards LOYAL fans by releasing ShoFIGHT 24 for FREE on!

ShoFIGHT 24 FREE on!
ShoFIGHT 24 FREE on!

CLICK HERE to watch ShoFIGHT 24 for FREE from any where in the WORLD on!!

ShoFIGHT 24 for FREE on!

ShoFIGHT CEO JT Tilley was very pleased by the LIVE turnout at both the venue and on for his last event ShoFIGHT & Brawl Inc Boiling Point & SubZero! To recognize his fans loyalty JT has decided to release the famous ShoFIGHT 24 1 night Featherweight tournament for FREE!

ShoFIGHT 24 was one of ShoFIGHT most popular events so it seems only right to release it for FREE on if they were going to release any event for free! "This was the first MMA tourney allowed by the MSAC in many years. We invited 12 champions from 10 promotions and we built a stellar card." explained Tilley. On the of the tournament, ShoFIGHT featured a WMMA fight between future ShoFIGHT champ Katy collins & Hannah Eagle.

Not only was the winner of the Featherweight tourney going to have bragging rights all over the Mid West but they would become BMF Featherweight champ. To make sure the tournament wasa fair the BMF Sanctioning Body set the card based on records, weight, and experience. Also the match ups were announced at the weigh ins. The star studded line up was as follows:

CITC Champion Hardy Freily

ShoFIGHT Champion Daniel Blair

CITC Champion Caleb Dye

Cage Championships Champion Jay Powell

V3 Champion TJ Brown

COH Contender Corey Heinz

ShoFIGHT Contender Ross Campbell

CLICK HERE to watch ShoFIGHT 24 for FREE from any where in the WORLD on!!

Here was a breakdown of ShofiGHT 24 courtesy of

ShoFight was back on GFL as it presented ShoFight 24 - Branson Brawl from Branson, Missouri. This was an epic MMA card as it featured a 12-man tournament for the first ever BMF Featherweight Championship. ShoFight has made its mark with MMA fans as it has been a launching point for fighters as some of the best prospects in the Mid-South have fought on a ShoFight card. ShoFight 24 was loaded with championship caliber fighting as every featherweight that competed in the tournament deserves to be credited as it was a grueling competition.

In the main event, Ross Campbell (7-0) defeated Jason Powell (8-4) via standing guillotine in round one to become the BMF Champion. Campbell went through a murderer's row of featherweights on his way to the top including Powell who is champion for Cage Championships. Many current or former champions competed in this tourney including ShoFight Champion Daniel Blair, but this night belonged to Campbell who proved that he was more than just a top ShoFight Challenger, he was a champion. Powell used some tremendous grappling throughout the tourney to keep his body fresh and had worked towards this goal for 3 months leading up to the fights. Earlier in the tourney Campbell defeated Cory Heinz by guillotine and Hardy Friely (COH Bantamweight Champion) by triangle choke to make it to the finals.

In other action, Kate Collins (3-3) won her return bout to ShoFight by rear naked choke over Hannah Eagle (0-1) in round one after only 36 seconds. Collins looked tremendous on her return to flyweight and the sky is the limit for his fighter.

CLICK HERE to watch ShoFIGHT 24 for FREE from any where in the WORLD on!! If you missed ShoFIGHT 24 before you have no excuses now!! Tune in before it goes back to $9.99!!

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