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ShoFIGHT & Brawl Inc Heavyweight Championships to be UNIFIED Sat night on

Mongo vs The Hulk

On Saturday night LIVE around the WORLD on, ShoFIGHT & BRAWL INC will present Boiling Point & Sub Zero! The event will be LIVE at 9pm EST and you can CLICK HERE for more info!

In the main event, ShoFIGHT Heavyweight Champion Josh 'the Hulk' Faries (9-9) faces BRAWL INC Heavyweight Champion Brandon 'Mongo' Huckaby (4-0) in a Winner Take All match for both Heavyweight Titles. Faries is on a 4-fight win streak and has been unstoppable in his current run. Faries is a huge man that will have the strength advantage, so look for him to try and bully Huckaby against the cage where he can get a takedown and go for ground and pound or some type of power submission on the ground. Faries is a handful for any fighter in the heavyweight division, especially if he is on the top. Huckaby has never tasted defeat and is also a beast of a man. Huckaby has a feared ground and pound game so he will also be trying to get Faries down to the mat. If the fight goes to the mat, the person on the bottom will be at a huge disadvantage. Look for Huckaby to try and use his striking to keep Faries from coming in close during the beginning of the fight and in the later rounds, he could try and get Faries off his feet with a takedown.

Both men have been working hard in preparation for each other's opponent. "Training camp is going great. I feel great, training hard as usual and looking to put on a show for the people in attendance and the people watching on!" explained Faries. While Huckaby doesn't have a ton of free time due to work he is making sure he is making the most of it. "I got a promotion at work which has made finding time to train even more scarce than it already was. But I feel good. I do my best to focus my full attention on the training when I do get an opportunity" shared Huckaby.

Huckaby doesn't know much about Faries but he expects his coaches will come up with the proper gameplan. "Don't know much about him, from what I've seen and heard he shoots in a lot, like to go to the ground. I feel I'm faster and maybe more technical. I could be way off base, I've only seen some old fights on YouTube, and I don't listen too much to what others who are not my coaches say. He looks like a big tough strong guy and that's what I want, I want to challenge my self." Faries also isn't too familiar with Huckaby but feels he knows what he has to do to walk away with both titles! "I don't know much but I do know he likes stand up and I plan on testing his will to win and plan on exposing his weakness on the ground" states Faries.

One thing both men can agree on, is that they will be putting on great performances for the fans in attendance and watching at home around the WORLD & LIVE on this Saturday night.! Faries tells fans that "they can expect that when that cage door shuts that I'm there to fight and to do nothing else. I'm there to win and the people are going to get their money worth", while Huckaby shares the same sentiments to fans when it comes to the outcome. Huckaby states fans can expect him "to go out there and try to work my game plan, and god willing get the victory."

ShoFIGHT CEO & Promoter JT Tilley is more than thrilled about his main event that will be streaming LIVE around the WORLD this Saturday night at 9pm on! "Josh "the Hulk" Faries is one of those fighters that will accept a fight with anyone which led him to have a mixed record at (9-9). We watched him improve his game significantly in 2013 as he earned both the ShoFIGHT Heavyweight and Super-Heavyweight Titles. Brandon "Mongo" Huckaby first caught our attention with his appearance on the History Channel's "God, Guns, and Automobiles" in early 2013. Huckaby is on a 5 fight win streak and holds the BRAWL INC Heavyweight Championship. The winner will leave with both Heavyweight straps. MONGO vs HULK is going to be a WAR!!" exclaimed JT Tilley, CEO of ShoFIGHT.

Tickets for this event start at $25 and are available at but if you can't be Radisson Hotel & Convention center in Branson, MO, fear not, you can still watch this entire event, from start to finish, LIVE from anywhere in the WORLD on! The event starts at 9pm EST but if you miss any of the action you can re watch for LIFE on GFL OnDemand once you order the event!!

CLICK HERE for the entire interview with Josh "The Hulk" Faries!

CLICK HERE for the entire interview with Brandon "Mongo" Huckaby!

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