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Shoes: Love Stories and Sebastian Errazuriz

Shoes: love stories and Sebastián Errázuriz
Shoes: love stories and Sebastián Errázuriz

An artist’s imagination has no limits even when talking about shoes. This was proved by designer Sebastián Errázuriz when he created a collection of 12 shoes inspired by his previous lovers and took the Design Miami fair by surprise. In this way, he quickly ended up collaborating with one of the biggest shoe companies in the world – Mellisa, a company well-known for its connections with well-known designers, Vivienne Westwood and Karl Lagerfeld.

Shoes with sentimental value

Each shoe from his collection has a name and a story, giving them special identities, like the Heartbreaker, The Boos, Jetsetter. Some of the descriptions made by Errázuriz are full of candor, while others can be quite tough. Even so, the designer has said that none of the women who inspired his creations had any objections, especially since he didn’t use any real name or photos with them.

Odd designs

One of the most unusual models is the one called “Cry Baby” Alexandra. The design makes you think of a giant milk drop, its structure seeming to fall apart after an impact. The scenario that inspired this creation is based on the story of one of his relationships with a woman who was strongly anchored in the past.

“Gold Digger” Alison is a shoe that combines design with sculpting. The character on which the shoes leans on reminds us of the titan Atlas, the one who held the weight of the entire sky, only this time, apparently, we’re dealing with a huge chunk of gold. The symbol isn’t by far a coincidence, as the woman who inspired this model was a fortune hunter.

“Honey” Natasha has a futuristic design, with a structure inspired by the bee honeycomb. The love story behind this is a special one and has as main character the one who cared for Errázuriz when he was bedridden due to a fracture.

“The Boss” Rachel tells the story of an avid feminist that doesn’t let herself get carried away by her feelings.

Another love was Laura, being one of the women who broke his heart. The shoes that carry her name were especially created to portray the heart breaker.

Not last, the design for “The Ghost” Valentina was inspired by a summer adventure with a young woman who disappeared from his life as mysteriously as she appeared.

You can find the stories behind all the shoes described in detail here: Artist Creates 12 Shoes For 12 Ex Lovers.

Technology and fashion

These shoes were made using 3D printing technology that allows you to add all kinds of details and patterns on the shoes (and not only), with the end result being exactly what you designed on your computer, designs that may have been very hard to turn into reality otherwise. More and more fashion designers have become interested in this type of technology and some clothes have already been made using the 3D printer. Their price is of course, pretty high and not for every pocket, but since technology is advancing more and more everyday, it might at some point become more affordable.

To learn more about the way these shoes were made and the designer’s story, you can check this video on MakerBot Stories and learn more about him on his site Meet Sebastian.

Author Bio: Jordon, Known in the fashion world as a fashion adroit. For more than a decade he has worked for many clients as a fashion consultant and also as an author for various fashion websites to propel their concepts beyond reality with sublime flare, hitting the fashion jackpot every time. He has a keen sense of fashion and an unparalleled creative eye for exactly what is right in fashion. Currently his contribution can be seen on Thetshirtman.

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