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Shoes for Boise dating.

Which shoe is right for you?
Which shoe is right for you?
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There are many shoes you can wear that say good things about you, but in the cold, often wet weather of a Boise winter, there are only so many that say those nice things without falling apart.  Below are five examples of what to wear and the situations they are good for.

The Outdoor Date. 

Men's TiTAN® Soft Toe Oxford   This shoe is classy, comfortable, and holds up well in bad weather.  While it is considered a workboot, the Soft Toe Oxford is perfect for casual wear that may require getting a bit dirty.  The downside is that these are the most expensive shoes on the list.


Kenneth Cole Reaction:  On That Note  The soles of these shoes allow for easy gliding and balance transitions while looking great with just about anything.  They aren't meant for heavy slogging through mud and puddles, but they can get splashed without significant damage and dry out quickly thanks to the low ankles and leather lining.

Dinner and a Movie.

Gravity Defyer XTrain  A more comfortable shoe you will not find, and the $39.95 price tag is comfortable for your wallet as well.  Classic, affordable and casual, this shoe fits the tone of your date.

Rough Night at the Bar.

Nike 6.0 Mavrk Low Skate Shoe  For those who prefer drinking and rowdy fun over dancing and muted conversation, this slim skate shoe tells everyone you came to party.  Express your wild side and show her you are fun.

The Individualist.

Nike Air Force 1 07 LE Men's Shoe  Does your date not fall into one of the above?  Then for the truly unique, this Nike is perfect.  High quality, classic style, and a sense of flair make this shoe an all-occasion performer.


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