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Shoedazzle me!!!!

Kim Kardashian, Founder and Chief Stylist
Kim Kardashian, Founder and Chief Stylist
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There is not a true ‘Fashionista’ out there that doesn’t have a deep and meaningful LOVE of shoes! Shoes are the one thing that you can always shop for – even if you are not quite fitting into those ‘skinny jeans’ on a particular day.

The emotions that a good pair of shoes can give you range from powerful (in those classic black pumps), to sexy (in the high heel boots), to beautiful (in the purple satin slingbacks).

They can change your attitude and the way you carry yourself immediately upon putting them on. They can also change the content of your wallet immediately, depending on the brand.

In order for budget-cautious shoppers to get the shoes we desire, we either have to save, save, save or search for good deals. Well, ladies – I have found a deal! Kim Kardashian and her team of stylists have come together to make it more accessible for everyone to get the perfect shoes for the perfect price!

Shoedazzle is an online premier monthly membership society that caters to each individual who joins. You first take a quiz, which allows a stylist to assess your personal shoe style and in-turn provide suggestions of shoes you would love. Each month a stylist chooses five fashionable pairs of shoes for you! These selections are handpicked just for you, emailed to you and you are never under any obligation to purchase.

In addition to choosing wonderful shoes for you, Shoedazzle also designs shoes for each holiday as well as wonderful causes. Currently they have a beautiful red shoe promoting American Heart Month (February).

Sounds perfect, right?

Well, I know you are wondering what the price is for this luxury. Get this – it’s only $39.95!! This fee includes the membership fee, the shoes and the shipping! And if you choose not to buy a pair of shoes one month (or several months in a row) your card is not charged the monthly fee.

No matter where you are – you can become a member of this shoe society and get fabulous new shoes each month! And for only $39.95, you can’t beat it. I would challenge you to find a (real) pair of Manolo Blahnik’s for this price! 


  • Katy 5 years ago

    I LOVE ShoeDazzle - the best gift I have ever given myself!!

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