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Shoe stretching

If your shoes are too tight, stretching them may be a good idea.  Shoe stretching is surprisingly an unpopular method of stretching the shoes for a more comfortable fit.  Instead of wasting money on buying a pair of shoes that you love, but will never wear because they are too tight, try stretching them. 

There are a few methods to stretching a pair of shoes.  A local cobbler will use a machine to stretch shoes for the perfect fit.  Dardanos on Colorado Boulevard in Denver stretches shoes.  They offer many other services of leather goods as well.  The price range of going to a cobbler will cost between $5 to $15 depending on the stretching service and type of shoe.  Also, many discount stores such as Walmart and Target sell shoe stretchers.  You can find a stretching kit from $15 to $50. So if you have shoes that are too tight, your feet have gotten wider, shoe shrinkage, or the cause is other foot imperfections, shoe stretching is a good money saving idea.


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