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Shockwaves rattle the Earth below with hymn of doom: Al Cisneros philosophizes the stone belief

I caught up with stoner doom titan Al Cisneros while he was hanging out

Al Cisneros live from 506 Woodruff Place Middle Drive
Don Stuck

in Indianapolis this week. To make the event productive, I decided to ask

him what he thought about today's solar eruption that's sending

shockwaves towards earth right as I type this sentence. Al Cisneros speaks

only in riddles, rhymes or rhetorics - and has done so for the past two years.

Let's see what sayeth he of this crazy space stuff.

John Rapp asks: What do you think of this whole solar eruption
that's taking place right now?

Quoth Al Cisneros: Choir of the sun chants inside the anti moon
Shockwaves rattle the Earth below with hymn of doom
Chilled rays freeze below the eye of silver sun
Damned souls gather in valley of the evil one

John Rapp asks: You look like you've got something else to add?

Quoth Al Cisneros: Phantasmal specter of two worlds collide
Planetoid soaked in rays of electric light
Stoner caravan from deep space arrives
Rides on the suncraft toward the glowing eye

That crazy old Al Cisneros, what a guy.


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