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Shocking Video - 4 Year Old Child Solider Jihadist in Syria Firing AK-47

When it comes to war in Syria the soldiers can comes as young as 4 years old, according to Fox News. A pint-sized four year old child soldier Jihadist is seen on video firing a deadly AK-47 “where Al Qaeda-linked Jihadists called him "one of the cubs of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,” reported Fox News.

4-year-old Al Qaeda fighter in Syria firing AK-47
Photo Credit - The Daily Mail

What is equally disturbing for onlookers is to hear the chilling words of encouragement that echo around the child from his father as well as other Jihadist fighters. Even as the recoil of the AK-47 knocks the young child backward he is encouraged onward in Arabic by the gathering, according to Fox News. One can soon possibly expect videos of young four and five-year-old soldiers killed in the Syrian Civil War, even though the use of children soldiers is banned by international law.

Using young children as young as 11 and 12 years old is certainly nothing new in war. In many conflicts down through the ages, as younger and older men died in battle, young soldiers in their teens, were often recruited for army units to fill in the ranks.

It is this horrendous practice that has led many nations to forbid the use of children in combat war settings. In fact, it was President George W. Bush and his administration that led the effort in criminalizing the practice. President Bush signed into law, the Child Soldiers Protection Act (CSPA) federal statute on October 3, 2008. The legislation criminalizes leading a military force which recruits child soldiers.

Unfortunately for children in combat the protection was short lived. President Barack Obama undermined the protection for the young being forced into military combat service by waiving the Child Soldiers Protection Act ban on aid to nations that use child soldiers in October of 2010, reported the Cable. As in many executive actions taken by Obama, the care, concern and welfare of the innocents have little or no use for the president and his apologist strategies toward Muslim nations that engage in this practice.

Obama claimed that it was in, “the national interest,” to waive the protections for the children of Chad, Yemen, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. According to the Cable, the recruiting of child soldiers would be construed as trafficking in persons according to the law.

Obama repeated his same action a year later by using an executive order to waive the trafficking of children and compelling them to fight as soldiers provision of the U.S. Child Soldiers Protection Act. The act of Obama has been regarded as unconscionable and that year, 2011 Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE), vice chairman of the House Foreign Affairs called Obama’s decision to “provide taxpayer funded military assistance to countries that use children as soldiers is an assault on human dignity,reported the Cable.

So what does battlefield jihadists have to fear if the president of the United States has already given the green light to use tiny tots and children as soldiers. A child is a child whether he is growing up in war torn Syria or in Cleveland, Ohio or Springfield, Illinois. When a child like the four-year-old identified in the video as "Muhammad," is recruited to take part in what many Jihadists are calling a “Holy War” he is robbed of any notion of childhood.

War is hell, but for young four-year-old “Muhammad," he is being urged to experience and come face to face with the battlefield 14 years before his time. But according to Obama’s logic, the life of a child is worth sacrificing law or no law.

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