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Shocking news of Michael Jackson's death


Michael Jackson dies at age 50

On Thursday, the 25th of June, 2009, music legend and King of Pop Michael Jackson died at the young age of 50, shocking and devastating all.

While exact causes of the star’s death are not known, it is being said that he suffered from cardiac arrest, and that when the Los Angeles Fire Department were called to his home at roughly 12:30 PM, he was no longer breathing. After attempting to revive him with CPR, he was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center, but was declared dead soon thereafter.

Michael Jackson had been preparing for what was to be one of his great comebacks - his upcoming tour was much discussed in the news for months, and he was in Los Angeles rehearsing for the shows at the time of his unfortunate death. He was set to perform 50 shows in London, beginning on July 13th.

Michael Jackson is survived by three children; Prince Michael Jackson, 12; Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, 11; and Prince Michael Jackson II, 7.

After a long and amazing career full of record-breaking albums, performances, and songs, the King of Pop will surely be missed.



  • ???? 5 years ago


  • Ruby 5 years ago

    I never really have not ever thought a bout him but it feels weired to think he gone now in the middle of a tour!

  • Tamour 5 years ago

    that is realy sad cause the age 50 is not the age to die, my friend jason was the most biggest fan of him he new all his moves and songs

  • Michael 5 years ago

    well you didnt have to like michael jackson, but that doesnt stop anyone else from liking him, michael jackson sometimes keeps me in confusion as he makes me wonder on some of the things hes done and why he does them but everyone has a reason for something no matter how understandable it is, i sometimes wonder why he didnt accept himself for who he was but he was a pop legend everybody loved him, he was so famous and im sure if anyone else was in JACKOS shoes youd be one of the most happiest people on earth, yes he may have been a drug addict abit crazy at times but people who say they hate michael jackson or dont like him have no reason to i mean some people say i dont like michael jackson well u havent met him have you just the press and outsiders, to be honest i wasnt suprised to hear he died because he was under a huge amount of stress with the concert, not being ill, money problems etc so it wasnt a suprise to me. rest in peace jackson but remember his spirit is always alive. RIP.

  • morgy 5 years ago

    Michael Jackson was a great singer and dancer I love him and will always have him in my heart forever and forever.

  • elisha 5 years ago

    i loved Micheal he was the greatest and a legend..R.I.P MR.JACKSON YOU WILL BE LOVED AND MISSED

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