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Shocking, dark, hilarious play rocks Kumu Kahua Theatre


Danielle Vivarttas-Ahrnsbrak as Crystal

House Lights & Prolonged Sunlight is not a family-friendly play, as it contains every offensive word in the English language, extreme violence, and graphic drug use. In short, it is the perfect date night entertainment.

The first act, House Lights, invites us into the home of the Roget's - an extremely dysfunctional, modern, nuclear family with incessantly bickering parents, daughter living in a fantasy world (or perhaps suffering from mental illness) and an intense, terrifying, gangbanging son.  Mrs. Roget invites Saul Peacock, an actor turned perrenial film extra, over for dinner. Mr. Peacock charms the family with his self-important tales of working as an extra in movies and convinces the family he can help them all become stars, with riches beyond imagination.

He directs the family in various shocking ways, but they follow him, as he is a God-like figure (certainly a mocking social commentary on our modern obsession with celebrity). Jason Kanda's performance as Saul Peacock is nothing short of genius - extremely dark and incredibly engrossing.

The second act, Prolonged Sunlight, is a series of six short stories that forces characters to react to highly unusual circumstances. In the second scene, Joey and Crystal argue in a driveway after Joey buys a magical rock that contains all of his love. Crystal, who is skeptical at first but soon realizes he is telling the truth, tries desperately to find her own rock and an intriguing altercation ensues with an existentially fatal conclusion. 

Overall, local playwright Eric Yokomori has created an unforgettable, dark masterpiece and scathing social commentary. The acting is first rate and the play sticks with you, providing lots of questions and much to consider, long after the actors take their final bow.

Special Ticket Prices EVERY Thursday Night

General Admission:  $13
Students with valid ID:  $5
Seniors 62 years of age and up:  $11
Patrons with proof of unemployment:  $5

Kumu Kahua Theatre
46 Merchant Street, Honolulu, Hawai`i 96813
Box Office Phone: (808) 536-4441


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