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Shocking comment from Justin Bieber: Should have all of England furious

Justin Bieber was driving his Ferrari in Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon when he noticed the paparazzi tailing him. This should not come as a surprise to the twenty year old singer. He is in the entertainment business and for whatever reason many feel he is a heart-throb. Oh course photographers will be following him, they have a job to do and catching celebrities on film as much as possible is their livelihood.

How can he even think he had the same accident as Princess Diana?
Mike Windle / Getty Images

What is shocking is that he compared his fender-bender accident which he actually caused by slamming on his brakes with the tragic accident that happened in Paris of 1977 which resulted in the death of a great woman, Diana, the Princess of Wales. There is no comparison between the two incidents.

If Bieber didn’t decide to come to a complete stop which caused an accident that could otherwise have been avoided. What would the harm have been to allow them to follow him as they do on just about any other occasion, event or day? The vehicle with the photographer in it following behind Bieber’s Ferrari would more likely than not have crashed into him if he didn’t come to such an abrupt start.

With this incident no one was hurt. Justin’s vehicle is said to have gotten a little ding. That is quite different from the vehicle Princess Diana was in that was so mangled it was almost unrecognizable. Is it possible that he doesn’t comprehend the gravity of what happened to the Princess of Wales since he was only three years of age when her death occurred? Many feel this is highly unlikely and just trying to get more attention that he already is pulling in from those who follow him through his music, with social media and in the news.

If he wanted to get a break from being photographed maybe, just maybe he shouldn’t have caused a scene where additional photographs would be sure to be taken. Fans wonder if he will take responsibility for the accident and compensate the paparazzi for damages to their vehicle because it wasn’t an accident it was an intentional collision that he caused.

What are your thoughts on Justin Bieber’s comparison remark?

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