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Shocking 2014 election scenario that could come true

The polls and even many pundits are now saying the 2014 election is shaping up to be a possibly bigger Republican landslide than was the 2010 election. Imagine that the last weeks before the election, the polls are clearly showing a major Republican landslide is going to take place, and Republicans are expected to gain seats in the House and retake control of the Senate. But don't believe for a second the Democrats will let this happen if they have any ability, by any means necessary or possible, to prevent this from happening.

Could the Democrats steal the 2014 midterm elections?
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

We know that Democrats will engage in enough vote fraud to win a close election, and contrary to the perception created by the electoral college map, the 2012 election was extremely close, and another half million votes for Mitt Romney in the right places would have made him President Mitt Romney. But the Democrats haven't been willing to engage in such brazen and massive voter fraud that it would look obvious, such as stuffing the ballot boxes so much that a race they were losing by 12 percent in the polls is one they win by 4 percent. That level of swing from polls to election can't be explained, if the polls are accurate, by anything but massively different-than-expected turnout, or outright voter fraud.

What if the Democrats have so much confidence in their willing accomplices in the mainstream media to spin the story in their favor, that they think they can get awayw ith blatantly stealing the 2014 election? It could happen and they might make an attempt at it. Here's how it would happen.

Remember all those ACORN bogus voter registrations? Remember how some counties in some states have 140 percent of eligible voters registered? There's a reason, because Democrats can send people in to vote for those bogus voters as a way of stuffing the ballot boxes. Across the country they cast votes for several million of those voters, especially in the states that do not require a photo ID to vote. Remember, there's a reason (it's not racism, that's just spin) they oppose requiring a photo ID to vote; it is because it makes it tougher for them to cheat and engage in massive voter fraud in this way.

The polls close and the media starts talking about the exit polls, and they show a projected turnout of something like 40 percent and Republicans winning big. The pundits are talking about what issues were important to voters and why they voted for Repubicans, etc. Then the votes are being counted, and the numbers are very high. Suddenly, the story is about record high turnout for a mid-term election, and stories about how some new focus on voter turnout allowed the Democrats to turn out a much higher percentage of their base than they normally do during midterm elections. The Democrats and their willing accomplices have that as the explanation of how the polls were so wrong, the turnout among Democrat-supporting voters is massively higher than expected.

No Republican has the audacity to even suggest voter fraud. They just express surprise at the alleged turnout. Democrats win a sweep, holding on the Senate and gaining enough House seats to win control of the House as well. An impossible and unhistoric level of Democrat turnout is the explanation, to cover for the massive voter fraud, and there is little Republicans will do about it. The mainstream media dutifully reports this “story” and only in a few out of the mainstream conservative news outlets is the voter fraud even discussed.

Sure there will be some evidence of the voter fraud exposed, but the mainstream media won't even address it or report it.

It could happen. That's why reform of the electoral system, starting with voter ID laws, is a priority. Otherwise, we won't have elections anymore. We'll have coronations of the Democrats, via fraud, that are staged to look like elections. One party Democrats control will give us the kind of one party dictatorship the old Soviet Union had under the Communist Party. And that is exactly what they want, today's Democrat Party is very much like the old Soviet Communist Party.

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