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Shocker: restaurant serves two different types of fresh gluten-free bread everyday.

Dungeness crab on the beach in Tofino, BC
Dungeness crab on the beach in Tofino, BC

fresh made gluten-free bread and gluten-free Indian poppadom crackers at The Pointe.

Something truly amazing has happened.  In a restaurant (unfortunately not in the Houston area), I was asked by the server if I had any food allergies that the chef should know about.   Well that question alone pretty much stopped me right in my tracks!  " Yes, I said, I don't eat wheat, and thank you so much for asking!".  I was then asked, "do you have celiac disease?" , to which I replied (with my chin practically on the floor), "yes, I do."  I was then informed by the server that they have two different types of fresh gluten-free bread, and they will bring me a basket of my own.  The shock!  The delight!   I could not believe it..

The Pointe Restaurant  in Tofino, B.C., Canada was the scene of this incredible event.  I enjoyed a very nice toasted rice-based bread with butter, and a spicy Indian cracker known as poppadom.  What  a simple joy to have delicious fresh-made bread with a meal.  In addition, I had a fantastic meal made with gluten-free ingredients.  Note:  The Pointe restaurant is not a gluten-free facility. 

Which brings me to my query:  why are the wonderful restaurants in the Houston area so slow on the uptake with regard to good, fresh, gluten-free items to offer to gluten-free customers.  Has anybody in the Houston area ever been offered a gluten-free bread option in a conventional restaurant?  Please let me know, because I would like to promote these forward-thinking restaurants as places that go out of their way to welcome GF people, and make them feel that there is a place they can go without all kinds of worrying and pre-planning.  My new Examiner campaign will regularly highlight those establishments on an ongoing basis.   Yes, I realize that this is somewhat self-serving, since my company produces these types of items, but, as your Houston-area gluten-free guru, someone has to talk about it!

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  • Leon Ullrich 5 years ago

    Randi, thanks for your GF e-mail articles. Just wish we had more GF restaurants in Houston area. I have been celiac for over 30 years & have a daughter with celiac for over 40 years. We are both diabetic (Type 1) which further complicates our diets. Am most thankful for stores like HEB, Kroger & Whole Foods for carrying GF foods. Find us a good GF restaurant in Houston.

  • Monica Ryan 5 years ago

    I read on the a gluten free registry site (for restaurants--cool site) that Fogo de Chao serves gluten free bread at the table in Houston. Haven't checked it out yet.