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Shock dad this Father’s Day with must-have tech and on-trend gifts by G-SHOCK

This Father’s Day, gift dad G-SHOCK’s MT-G Series and GA-100 Camouflage Dial Series watches, an extraordinary lineup that will turn Father Time green with envy!
This Father’s Day, gift dad G-SHOCK’s MT-G Series and GA-100 Camouflage Dial Series watches, an extraordinary lineup that will turn Father Time green with envy!
Gabriela C.

This Father’s Day, treat dad to the ultimate tech, on-trend and over-the-top gifts by Casio G-SHOCK that will shock him with delight and make his special day memorable. After all, there’s no better way to show your dad or fatherly figure how much you appreciate him than with a timeless treat that will be a daily reminder of your admiration. This Father’s Day 2014, Casio G-SHOCK has extraordinary offerings that will turn Father Time green with envy. Two collections to feast your eyes on and place at the pulse of dads fingers are G-SHOCK’s MT-G Series (which stands for Metal Twisted G-SHOCK) and GA-100 Camouflage Dial Series watches.

The MT-G Black IP model is a state-of-the-art and luxurious timepiece that stands-alone for its look, feel and function.
Gabriela C.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a practical but phenomenal gift or in search of the ultimate surprise that make his eyes turn wide with glee and his heart skip a beat— look no further because G-SHOCK has two top contenders that are perfect for dad:

MT-G Black IP model (MTGS1000BD-1, $1000)
- G-SHOCK’s MT-G Series’ Black IP Model is the ultimate timepiece that exudes elegance, genius innovation, fine craftsmanship and impeccable detail. This handsome and luxurious watch blends the best of both worlds, it is ultra-fashionable and highly-functional—and makes a grand Father’s Day gift for the dapper dad, the luxury-lover, the techie, the business professional father and the distinguished gentleman. Casio G-SHOCK has truly transformed the watch with the MT-G Series and redefined it to be a handsomely harmonious fusion that’s a tech-novative timepiece, a genius gadget, a cutting-edge fashion statement, a prestigious piece, and a rugged yet refined all-sport device.

The MT-G Black IP model is a state-of-the-art and luxurious timepiece that stands-alone for its look, feel and function—and no doubt is sure to bring a smile to dad’s face and make for a show-stopping surprise for the following reasons:

  • Handsome yet hardcore exterior- the MT-G Black IP model features an extraordinary exterior that takes your breath away from first-look. It is strikingly big, bold and beautiful from its opulently weightier and elegant black ion plated solid stainless steel body, its luxuriously comfy and perfectly balanced feel against the wrist, and its rugged-yet-refined exclusive “Triple G Resistant” structure that effortlessly absorbs and repels strong shocks and vibrations—and even stays strong and stable during gravitational forces. It’s both handsome and hardcore, ready to take on the everyday and the extraordinary, a sleek, stylish and state-of-the-art workday to weekend timepiece that seamlessly withstands all of life’s adventures
  • Cutting-edge casing and Core Guard Structure- this exceptional timepiece is superbly crafted from stylish but strong black ion stainless steel covering melded with G-SHOCK’s advanced “Core Guard Structure” which is a resin sandwiched between the upper and lower metal frames secured by tension screws and cushioned with Alpha Gel® to ensure mechanical integrity and reinforce its “Triple G Resistant” toughness for the ultimate heavy duty, handle-it-all timepiece. What’s more, the solid stainless steel band is luxuriously lined with smooth and soft-to-the-touch low-thermal conductance resin panels which help provide dad with a cool, all-day comfort and wear that’s unparalleled
  • Modern movement and smart solar power- the MT-G Black IP model features chronograph function powered by Casio’s LED-infused “Tough Movement” with “Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping” for continuing accuracy and perfect precision. Dad will be delighted to learn that he doesn’t need to hassle with manually setting the time or adjusting every year for Daylight Savings because the MT-G’s internal radio receiver gets time and date updates from extremely accurate global transmitting stations which keeps the displayed time precise. Plus, the face of the watch is packed with a “Tough Solar Panel” that generates power from light, helping to keep the built-in rechargeable battery running longer and stronger
  • Simple but smart operation- the MT-G Series features a dual-layer watch face with four sub dials combined with multiple motors and a clever and convenient quick-lock “Smart Access” electronic crown which allows a fool-proof way for your father to easily access and operate its key functions. Dad can simply unlock the crown and turn it in the desired direction for simple operation of actions such as alarm setting
  • Tech-novative three-dimensional index- the MT-G Black IP model features a stunning three-dimensional black face with multi-layered, dial structure featuring individually molded parts such as the time index and dial frame which not only provides the ultimate in legibility and clear visibility but gives the watch an ultra-fashionable appeal and a forward-looking feel. What’s more, the face is shielded by sapphire crystal mineral glass which keeps it free from scratches as well as a convenient anti-glare coating which gives dad optimal visual clarity

The MT-G series is a multi-functional marvel that is highly advanced, conveniently versatile and ingeniously adaptable—it will easily become dad’s cutting-edge and couture companion across oceans and continents. It’s a timeless treasure that wins bragging rights for luxury, durability, innovation, precision, and simple-but-smart operation. From its state-of-the-art and luxuriously stylish craftsmanship created at Casio’s Yamagata factory in Japan and meticulously assembled from materials and components made entirely in-house—to its remarkable forward-thinking features, cutting-edge functions and fashionable details—the MT-G is the ultimate gift for Father’s Day and the top timepiece with extraordinary features, including a “Triple G Resistant” structure that can handle-it-all, advanced “Core Guard Structure” that’s heavy-duty, three-dimensional index which offers clear visibility, clever “Smart Access” electronic crown that allows easy access and operation, “Tough Movement” with “Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping” for ongoing date and time accuracy, 200M water resistance so dad can take it from business to the beach, stylish neo-brite luminous hands for enhanced legibility, and “Tough Solar Panel” that generates power from light with an astounding approximate battery life of 5 months on full charge (without further exposure to light), to name a few.

G-SHOCK’s MT-G Series is available in three models: the MTGS1000D-1A—a silver stainless steel style which retails for $900, the MTGS1000BD-1 (BLACK IP model)—a black ion plated solid stainless steel style, and the limited edition MTGS1030BD-1 which retails for $1100. The MT-G Series timepieces come specially packaged in an exclusive hard cover box along with a separate elegant cushioned case that holds this timeless gem.

G-SHOCK’s MT-G Series’ Black IP Model retails for $1000 and is available at Tourneau retailers and online at To learn more and locate a retailer nearest you please visit and

G-SHOCK’S Camouflage Dial Black/Gold watch (GA100CF-1A9, $120)
- this super-stylish and sporty watch is sure to become dad’s every day essential that brings function, fashion, and fun to the forefront. This Father’s Day, arm dad with the must-have accessory arsenal with this camo-chic timepiece that mixes the modern with military, the distinguished with the tastefully disguised, and the fashionable with functional features. G-SHOCK’S Camouflage Dial Series watches make fabulous gifts for fathers who enjoy leading the way in fashion, sporty dads that love the great outdoors, and for the military man in your life that is currently serving, a proud supporter or Veteran father. The collection is based on G-SHOCK’s popular GA-100 line of analog digital watches and is comprised of three models: the GA100CF-1A9 - a Black with Gold featuring woodland camouflage and gold accents, the GA-100CF-1A - a Matte-Black with tonal camo and coordinating accents, and the GA100CF-8A - a Gray with Gray/Black camo and silver accents—giving you a great selection to choose for dad, from the stunning to the subtly sophisticated.

One model to bring to your attention and gift dad this Father’s Day is the Camouflage Dial Black/Gold watch (GA100CF-1A9). This fierce and fashionable timepiece stands out from the rest of the troop because of its dashing color contrast and all around good looks—it features a black band with an olive and brown camouflaged face highlighted by gold accents. There’s no better way to salute dad on his special day than with this “warrior” watch that will stand guard by your dad on the daily. G-SHOCK’S Camouflage Dial Black/Gold watch features the following:

  • Strong shock resistant structure- this watch will handle the daily wear and tear like a true soldier thanks to its shock absorbing construction. No matter how hard your dad plays, this watch will take the heat against the shocks and vibrations, bumps and grinds, and daily use your dad will ring it through
  • Convenient water resistance- your dad can take this watch away on his adventures on land or in the sea without any worry of water damage because this watch is 200M water resistant which means he can work out and break a sweat, swim, snorkel and even windsurf with it
  • Automatic LED light and afterglow- this handy timepiece features a convenient auto-light feature which illuminates the face of the watch for easy reading. What’s more, once the auto-light feature is turned on the watches bright light automatically illuminates when dad angles it towards his face so that he can effortlessly see the display. He can also set the duration of the afterglow according to his desired preference and needs
  • Smart stopwatch and speed display- whether your father enjoys running, swimming or any other feat that tests his stamina and speed, this watch is sure to keep track of time and record his speed with ease and precision so that he can continue to power through and aim for his personal best. This Camouflage Dial watch is equipped with a 1/1000th Second Stopwatch with Speed Indicator to measure elapsed time, lap times and split times as well as calculate speeds based on a specified distance. There is even a convenient countdown timer that comes in handy for target times

G-SHOCK’S Camouflage Dial Series watches are perfect for the trendsetter, the sporty dad and military man in your life because of its ease of use, flashy looks, and functional appeal. What’s more, not only are they reasonably priced at $120, but they are heavily reliable watches that are well-made and long-lasting.

G-SHOCK’S Camouflage Dial Series watches retail for $120 and come packaged in a trendsetting camouflage-tin and coordinating box that perfectly match the watches’ camo theme. Shop for the Camouflage Dial Black/Gold watch (GA100CF-1A9) at

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