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SHL Pharma expands in South Florida

SHL Pharma, of the SHL Group, is expanding its manufacturing and research and development facility in South Florida with a renovated $6 million facility. Now SHL employs 44 people who earn an average salary of $55,000 and the organization is planning to hire at least 30 new employees during the next year, according to an April 7 release by the Office of Governor Rick Scott.

In the release, Governor Rick Scott was quoted as saying, “SHL Pharma’s announcement of their expansion is great news for the families of South Florida. With the help of businesses like SHL Pharma, we are continuing to grow our economy and create more jobs and opportunities for Florida families,” said Scott.

Jobs in high technology and healthcare are well sought after in South Florida. The jobs pay well and offer plenty of upward mobility. “I might apply for one of those new jobs,” said Megan Fallon.

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