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Shishis shocked by August 18, 2014 UFO sightings

While at work in Scarborough, Ontario,Paul Shishis spotted a bright white light moving across the sky.
While at work in Scarborough, Ontario,Paul Shishis spotted a bright white light moving across the sky.
Paul Shishis

While on a break at work in Scarborough, Ontario, Paul Shishis of Oshawa went outside to see if anything unusual was in the skies above.

"I went to our work parking lot to look for UFOs,” he said. After about 7-8 minutes while looking it became successful.”

Shishis said at about 3:04 p.m., he noticed a “brilliant white, small object moving from the southeast heading northwest over our work roof. It appeared to be less than 1,000 feet up and moving quite fast – maybe 80 to100 mph.”
As is his custom, he had his camera handy. He filmed the object for about 30 seconds and then zoomed in on it to take some photos. That’s about all the time he had before the object was lost as it traveled over the roof.

Then as he was traveling home on Highway 401 eastbound near Pickering, he noticed a “large black military helicopter coming from the south near west of Ajax. It then turned and headed west, flying low over the 401 – and right over my car!

To the average person, this would not be strange but for Shishis, it is something he has experienced countless times after seeing a UFO. That day, he remembered this phenomenon and wondered if it might happen again.

“Uncanny as this sounds,’ he said, “I thought it had been a while since noticing a black helicopter in the mix. Wondering if his own thoughts had brought it he added, “Well, be careful what you wish for from deep emotional thought.”

Shishis took one picture of the helicopter through his windshield as it approached and then another as it flew over the roof of his car.

“The shocking part again was the mere thought of seeing one,” he said adding that he found the concept quite fascinating. “Yet wonderment had just started as the night brought on something else in deeper shock coupled by fascination.”

While at home that evening, he stepped outside to put a bag of garbage out. When he happened to look up, he saw a “low bright white single light moving southeast.”

“Here ‘s when one has to laugh the shock off,” he said.

And he indeed felt that shock again when he spotted the object directly above him. Shishis felt that it was no coincidence.

“Unbelievable to further say I had my camera in my pocket. I pulled it out and started to film it at 9:58 p.m. I took a quick, two-second video clip along with four pictures.”

For a second, he considered taking a longer video but that did not happen.

“Shock can do that to a person. As I watched it go over the roof of my garage, I then ran onto my driveway watching it head southeast and just fade out – gone!

Shishis actually captured a number of objects that night and expects he will see more before the month is over.

“I feel there will be more UFOs reveal themselves day and night. Something is sure letting me that there is an unknown presence monitoring me and/or this area.”

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