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Shishis is back with two more UFO sightings

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It is never long before this Examiner hears from her friend, Paul Shishis of Oshawa, Ontario, who is back with two more UFO sightings over the past few days.

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On January 22, 2014 at approximately 12:37 p.m., while outside taking his lunch break at his workplace in Scarborough, he saw “a round bright light – amber white – that appeared quite round.” Always prepared, he pulled out his camera and took seven pictures.

Shishis noted, “This sighting lasted about twelve seconds and was quite distant over Toronto - possibly over Lake Ontario. As I took the pictures, it just faded out - gone! I could no longer see it in any movements at all.”

He added, “The first two pictures did capture this unknown bright round light.”

Shishis had another daylight UFO sighting on January 28. Again at work on a break outside, he said he was just about to go back into his workplace because it was so cold. However, he “had a feeling” that something was present in the skies overhead. When he has such feelings, he is usually right.

“Sure enough,” he saw “an odd object coming from the northwest” at about 2,000 feet or more. After watching it for about five seconds, he pulled out his camera to take some pictures.

“As it got closer I could see the white on the bottom and blue color on top,” he said adding, “I thought it might just be a balloon as it was tumbling heading northeast.”

He only had about 15 seconds to take some shots before he lost sight of it over the roof. The time was 3:17 p.m. Even so, he managed to take two pictures without a zoom and another three with it, while the sixth picture showed nothing.

“While examining the pictures, I found the fourth picture interesting with no color - just all bright, white and bumpy,” so he wondered if it might have been a camera glitch of some kind.

“Also picture number two, if you zoom in you can see a white much smaller ‘dot’ underneath the object.” Shishis added that it might “just be a balloon.” However, when he showed it to some people “They think it not a balloon but a UFO.”