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Shishis has become an official UFO magnet

Paul Shishis could hardly see this small white object in the sky over Scarborough, Ontario on July 4, 2014.
Paul Shishis could hardly see this small white object in the sky over Scarborough, Ontario on July 4, 2014.Paul Shishis

If there is anyone who appears to be a UFO magnet, it would be Paul Shishis of Oshawa, Ontario. He has had countless sightings over the years including quite a number in June 2014 and it seems to be continuing into July.

On July 4 while at work in Scarborough, Shishis went outside to the parking lot on the east side of the building. As usual, he had his new camera handy hoping to see anything unusual in the skies overhead. It was only a matter of minutes before he spotted something unusual high up in the sky above the cloud level.

“I could see a white object moving very slow,” he said. “This again was looking east almost where I had sighted the last one here. That would be June 16, 2014 almost near the same time!” You can view that sighting HERE.

After watching the object for a few seconds, he zoomed in on it but since it was up so high, it was difficult to capture on film.

“The camera would not focus on the intended target,” said Shishis, “so I began to photograph at 3:07 p.m. with a slight zoom to capture image above.”

After taking a number of pictures, he alerted a co-worker who was also outside.

“I pointed it out to him and he could also see it! This would be eleventh co-worker I’ve pointed these out to in the day through the years.”

As they both watched the object, Shishis continued to snap pictures until it “went into cloud cover and we lost sight of it.” Shishis said the sighting lasted just under two minutes.”

Even though the pictures he got were not the best, he did manage to capture the object. His friend MG, who enhanced the photos also found “another unknown strange black image. The shape of it reminded Shishis of a close sighting he had in the same parking lot back on September 17, 2009 at about 1 p.m.

Shishis would like to extend a big thank you to MG for his great enhancements, which provide more evidence that there are indeed, UFOs in the skies above. He added that yesterday, he noticed a military plane flying over his house.