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Shiseido Dick Page created look for Band of Outsiders fall 2014 show

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Check out this abstract, mannequin look that Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page created for the Band of Outsiders Fall 2014 presentation. According to Dick Page, the look for the models is “like mannequins, with abstract definition.” What's interesting about this look is that it's very minimal and focuses mainly on the brows, lips and face. No makeup is required for the eyes, just a pair of your favorite pair of shades. This look is great for those who don't have time for getting all made up, but still want to look beautified and flawless (perfect for running into an "ex" or "frenemies" at the supermarket, coffee shop or while running errands).

Here's a breakdown of how you can get the look, created by Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page:

Inspiration: To compliment the static presentation style, the look is somewhat “removed, cold and synthetic,” as if the models were mannequins.


  • Eye: Brows brushed in place and lids left blank to be covered in sunglasses.