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2014 Winter Olympics

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Shirtless fans in Sochi? Olympic spectators watch outdoor competitions in sun

Shirtless fans watch outdoor competitions at Sochi Olympics
Shirtless fans watch outdoor competitions at Sochi Olympics
Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images

The Olympic Winter Games might need a new name if the weather stays the same over the next few days. It’s definitely looking a little like spring in Sochi and Thursday the temperature was warm. Want to know how warm? Fans are walking around the competitions with their shirts off. Spectators are lined up along the gates to see the outdoor sports and men aren't minding the extra sun on the skin. According to Bleacher Report on Thursday the shirtless fans can be seen everywhere in Sochi due to the unusually warm temperatures.

While the competition hasn’t been effected by the warm weather, the Olympic fans are worried. Yes, there are stockpiles of snow in the mountains around the Russian village and snow machines are on standby, but slushy conditions are always tough and keeping this competition going is extraordinarily important.

According to the Weather forecasts, the warm heat is going to continue with the temperatures being in the low 60s for a high and upper 40s for a low. So how does that compare to the United States? In New York City on Friday the high is only going to be 37 degrees. In Chicago it is expected to be a high of 22 degrees. That’s chillier than Sochi!

Technically it is safe to say it is warmer in Russia! That’s not good news for the Olympics, but for anyone who likes to see shirtless men, it’s not all that bad!