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Shirt and sweatshirt slogans

How do we think Christianly about shirts and sweatshirts that glorify gore or threaten harm to others? Many mock and ridicule or show demonic scenes. Frankly, I am often surprised when I speak to a person wearing such a shirt or sweatshirt, and such an individual is civil and polite. A good friend noticed a person who had rotten teeth and paid for him to fix them. Soon afterwards the guy with the transformed teeth was sporting a tattoo with a demon on his leg peeking around something. He paid about $500 for such a gaudy and negative scene. So my friend with good intentions wasted money on a guy who used his money for demonic symbols.

Do you think we become a better country when folks wear symbols of demons and sarcastic and insulting slogans? Thankfully the fad of decals showing a small boy urinating on the words Ford or Chevrolet seem to be past. It is just plain mean and stupid to have slogans insulting owners of either brand of cars, trying to foment ill will. Another friend noted that showing happy and polite families in TV did not produce happy and polite families. That is true, but Coke spends billions on advertising every year. They know everyone who sees a slogan does not run out and buy a coke. But they know also that many more buy cokes than they would without the advertisements they show.

Just because Christians say a good word about Jesus or have a symbol or slogan on a shirt or sweatshirt does not mean that all who see it will be supernaturally drawn to follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. But God does use people to honor him, just as some honor the trivial or the demonic. Jesus says whoever is not for him is against him. Do the photos or slogans on our shirts or sweatshirts promote Godliness or evil? Do they promote responsible attitudes, or a sense of entitlement? Do they promote respect or rudeness, violence or peace?

1 Peter 4.11 tells us that we are to speak the very words of God. This means printed as well as spoken words are to be under his guidance and for his glory. A word fitly spoken, how good it is, God tells us in the book of Proverbs. It is so encouraging, and brings us peace. On the other hand, words of mockery and contempt can send an unstable soul over the edge to do great evil. At the very best, slogans of evil weaken the good intentions and thoughts of people, and pave the way for more evil to happen.

So I hope we think Christianly when we want to wear a shirt or sweatshirt with a slogan. It will either teach and point others to Godliness or not, either intentionally or not, either clearly or not. Either way, we are accountable to God for what we promote.

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