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Shirley Temple – Child Star and Conservative Hollywood Republican Dies at 85

Shirley Temple – Child Star and Conservative Hollywood Republican Dies at 85
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Shirley Temple Black was an iconic child star who captured the hearts of millions of adoring fans around the globe has died at 85, according to NBC News. During the depths of the Great Depression her engaging smile and captivating innocence on the Silver Screen entertained many movie goers in such hits as Heidi," "Curly Top" and "Bright Eyes".

But it was more than her passion for bring out the smile in so many that were attempting to deal with the daily hardships of the mid to late 1930’s, but it was also her way of lifting up the morale of a nation. In fact it was then, “President Franklin D. Roosevelt who called her "Little Miss Miracle" for raising the public's morale during times of economic hardship,” reported NBC News.

In her later years as an adult she became involved in conservative Republican politics and with the growing move toward more liberalism in Hollywood, she ran for Congress as a Republican. Even though she loss that race she remained committed to public causes.

As an American patriot she President Richard M. Nixon appointed her to the United Nations General Assembly in 1969. She excelled at that position and was subsequently appointed by Nixon as United States ambassador to Ghana in 1974, according to Politix.

The former Hollywood star was President Gerald R. Ford’s chief of protocol in 1976 and 1977 and also was ambassador to Czechoslovakia in 1989. It was in that role that Ambassador Shirley Temple Black had a front row seat in seeing the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, suggests Politix.

Shirley Temple Black’s life was a testimony to her tenacity to share and cultivate the hope, faith and dreams of all Americans through the golden heart of a former child actor’s love for America and its people. Little “Curley Top’s” legacy shall be forever enshrined in the history of the nation.
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