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Shirley Temple Black was a 42-year breast cancer survivor

It was announced yesterday, February 10, 2014 that our beloved Shirley Temple died at the age of 85. She will be remembered for many accomplishments including being an energetic, positive, lovable child star, a U.S. Diplomat/Ambassador and having a non alcoholic drink named after her. This article is bringing to the forefront that she had breast cancer in 1972; that's 42 years of life after breast cancer, half of her life! She had an unprecedented press conference from her hospital room to shed light on breast cancer. It has been said that she was the first woman and celebrity to ‘openly speak about breast cancer’ and some have associated that bold move to starting the ‘breast cancer awareness’ campaigns.

Some notable quotes from two online articles:

‘When her cancerous left breast was removed in 1972, at a time when operations for cancer were shrouded in secrecy, she held a news conference in her hospital room to speak out about her mastectomy and to urge women discovering breast lumps not to “sit home and be afraid.” She is widely credited with helping to make it acceptable to talk about breast cancer.’ Read the entire article here.

‘In 1972, she underwent successful surgery for breast cancer. She issued a statement urging other women to get checked by their doctors and vowed, "I have much more to accomplish before I am through.’ Read the entire article here.

Shirley Temple Black as a child and adult demonstrated spunk and zest for life.

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