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'Shipping Wars' star Roy Garber dead at 49: Nothing was too big for Roy to ship

"Shipping Wars" star Roy Garber is dead at 49. He is pictured here with his best friend Muffy, the cat.
Shipping Wars A&E

Shipping Wars” star, Roy Garber, died after suffering a heart attack on Friday. Garber was only 49-years-old, but he had been previously treated for heart problems, according to TMZ on Jan. 18.

Garber was a popular character on “Shipping Wars,” as a veteran to the business he didn’t have too much patience when it came to the new comers and the many mistakes they’ve made while filming this show. Most would say that Garber was the picture of health with his tall lean frame, but he had an underlying condition that unfortunately took his life at a young age.

Garber’s long-time girlfriend said that he suffered a heart attack on Friday night and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors pronounced him dead shortly after that. Garber was one of the favorites on the show as nothing was too big, too heavy, too long or going too far for him to take on.

Roy's co-pilot, Muffy the cat, was also seen on the show. He was a man that could show a bit of gruffness to the world, but then step into the cab of his truck and talk to Muffy in a heartwarming manner. He was just an all-around likeable guy.

Not much was too small to ship as he was a wiz at packing loads together all going in the same direction. “Shipping Wars” is a reality show that consists of several reputable shippers that bid for jobs as they come up. During the A&E show, these “Shipping War” stars have shipped everything from camels to a train caboose. His character will be missed.

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