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Ship passengers ill: Sick passengers on Princess cruises isolated with norovirus

Ship passengers ill with a highly contagious norovirus have been isolated from others during their excursion at sea. Princess Cruises has an epidemic on their hands at the moment, specifically the Crown Princess. Right now the ship has 66 passengers and 17 crew members sick.

ABC News reports April 9 that the Crown Princess sails to ports in California, including San Francisco and Los Angeles. Princess Cruises spokeswoman Karen Candy said the ill ship passengers and crew had to be isolated in their cabins. On Monday, 37 passengers were sick in San Francisco and now there are 66 ill as of Wednesday.

The norovirus is what's believed to cause the sudden illnesses. CNN described that ship passengers who are ill experience nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It's been the culprit of causing people to be sick in recent months. Noroviris affects people on land as well as sea, but health officials see it more on cruise ships since people are in closed, confined quarters.

Candy said doors and handles on the cruise vessel have been continuously disinfected. The norovirus has a way of spreading from person-to-person easily. Ship passengers ill on a Holland America ship took place back in February in which 114 of them and 10 crew memebers were sick. More than 600 people got sick in January sailing to the Carribean due to the virus, the CDC reported.

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