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Shiny Toy Guns Interview!

I had a wonderful opportunity to interview Jeremy Dawson (synths/bass) from Shiny Toy Guns!

Shiny Toy Guns
Shiny Toy Guns

Shiny Toy Guns originates from Los Angeles, California that became about in the year 2002. Releasing their first studio album, “We Are Pilots”, (re-recorded) under the record label “Universal Records”. They were nominated for two Grammy Awards with “We Are Pilots”, and their second album “Season of Poison” had two songs featuring inside the Top 30 of the Alternative Song Charts!

Currently, Shiny Toy Guns has released their recent album “III” on October 26, 2012, featuring their hit singles: Waiting Alone, Faded Listening, and, Somewhere to Hide. They will also be on the “Parahoy!” Cruise on March 7, 2014!

Check out my interview with Jeremy where we talk about The past, present, and future of Shiny Toy Guns, as well as the Parahoy cruise, and a pretty funny tour story!

Q: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions for this
interview! Firstly, I'd like to say the most recent album "III" was
incredible. Truly a musical sensation and and fantastic masterpiece!
What were the strengths, the focuses, weaknesses, that helped you
infuse the album into completion?

A: So many to list. We had a lot to catch up on; a lot to focus on in
the present, and a lot to prepare for in the future.

Q: The band is labeled under many different genres. Such as Rock,
Indie, Electronica, etc. What genre(s) do you consider Shiny Toy Guns
to be?

A: Never figured that one out. Kind of like life :)

Q: When did the formation of the band begin and why?

A: We started officially around 2004. Playing some really terrible shows
and learning a lot. We started out traditionally, making demos and
mailing them to labels and lawyers. When that didn't work (PS PEOPLE
IT DOESN’T EVER WORK) we hit the streets and the wires. And that
works btw.

Q: Shiny Toy Guns hasn't been anywhere near Florida in a very long
time. Can you tell us why that was, and why you decided to choose
Florida this time?

A: Florida is hard to get too. We always want to play everywhere but
never have the right planning around us to facilitate things. Also
touring is SO expensive now. No one really understands
for instance these Florida shows we are playing; even if they both
sell out...will probably just cover expenses. But we do it for fun and
for the expression part of it. Otherwise we would be plumbers and
love doing that.

Q: The band is booked to be on the "Parahoy Cruise" on March
7th-11th. Which is coming up quick! How did you get on that gig and
what you are most excited about with the cruise?

A: Hayley really connects with our music; which is amazing and we are
really honored to have her loving on our tunes and lives. The whole
band of Paramore are just awesome real people and we can't wait to
hang again.

Q: Regarding the speculations and rumors around why Carah left the
band then ultimately returned after a few years later, can you explain
the reasons behind all of this?

A: That was 20394898 years ago. Today things are good

Q: With all of the fans you have, who would you say were the biggest
fans and the craziest fans?

A: Because personally I'm bat shit crazy…Wait! My whole band is haha...I
can't really call our fans crazy. We all crazy. We have pockets of
extremely hyper fans all over the world so I can't really fairly point
at one region or city...however, I wonder what it would be like if we
got all of those together in one venue...could cause some sort of
Stargate or something?

Q: Out of all of the cities you have toured to, where would you say
is your favorite city and venue? Why?

A: We all have a different answer for this so I will try to pick something I
can remember us all diggin’ ... definetely Alaska. Just everything Alaska.
Why? You have to go to Alaska at the time that we did. It was just
a beautiful rush of energy. We were alive and loaded with unity and
that big state up there in nowhere land was open armed and receptive
on a level we haven't seen really on a regular basis.

Q: With different musical variations now a days and influences, who
would be your influences (both musical and non musical wise)?

A: PERSONALLY mine change a lot, I listen to about 60-90 songs a day. I
have a music problem...I abuse it and should probably join a 12 step
program for listening to music. As far as the sound of Shiny Toy
Guns, Chad and I who produce the tunes are together influenced
primarily by Pink Floyd and Depeche Mode...and tons and tons of new

Q: With the frequent changes to the modernize world of artists and
music, who is your favorite as of 2014 currently?

Favorite artist? Daughter.

Q: What would be the craziest and funniest tour story you can share?

A: I can't share the craziest one. But, a PG one is probably when we
played our first show in the UK...we played a venue in Colchester,
Essex, and the venue’s sound system blew up so we decided to invite the
entire venue onto our tour bus and load it full of food and booze. The promoter’s parents shuttled people to our bus and we had an amazing party. I remember arriving at the next city and several kids rolled out of our bunks that weren't in the band haha!

Q: When on the road touring, what are your favorite past times when
you are all bored?

A: some of us drink, some of us sleep, some of us play video games, just
some normal things and not so normal things.

Q: What are your favorite foods to eat on the road?

A: Cheez-It’s, chocolate, and, mustard burritos.

Q: What are the yay's and nay's of touring and readjusting to back
home simplicity?

A: Don't bring your behavior on the road, home. Don't forget to SLEEP.
Or you turn into an asshole and no one will get along. And I want you to google something called "Rule 62". This is the most important rule of touring.

Q: Who were your favorite musicians to tour with and why?

A: Ah we don't really do the favorite thing. When we were a little baby band
we went out with a band from Chicago called "Kill Hannah". The singer
of that band sadly got a sex change and changed his name to "Mitch
Snatchalopolis" or this band would be huge. Our time on the road with
Kill Hannah we will never forget it was amazing

Q: Do you ever prepare yourself in specifics before a small or big show?

A: We have this routine called "prep time". Its 2 hours of warm ups,
thinking sessions (not a good idea by the way), some waters, some diet cokes,
some cocktails, and try to get focused and together!

Q: What would you like to say to your fans as a closing sentence?

A: Stay.

Shiny Toy Guns is:

Carah Faye Charnow - Vocals/ Synth
Chad Petree - Vocals/ Guitar
Jeremy Dawson - Synths / Bass
Mikey Martin - Drums

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