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Shiny Beldum distribution revealed for ‘Pokémon Alpha Sapphire' and 'Omega Ruby'

The Official Pokémon Channel’s YouTube revealed today a new trailer for the upcoming generation III Pokémon remakes, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. Three new Mega Evolutions were revealed: Mega Altaria, Mega Lopunny, and Mega Salamence. Mega Altaria gains a massive, puffy tail in the same vein as its cloud-like wings. The large tail is shaped like a star, making it seem as though a miniature version of the Star World from Super Mario World for SNES forcefully attached itself to Altaria’s behind.

Silver and gold replace blue and grey in the shiny version of the Beldum family

Mega Lopunny looks much less dainty than its normal counterpart, adopting a more practical combat stance and gaining what appears torn stocking on its legs to signify how much hardcore it has become thanks to Mega Evolution.

While those two Mega Evolutions certainly look stronger than their normal versions, the same cannot be said for Mega Salamence, which is a mega shame indeed. The original Salamence’s design was that of a classic medieval dragon—four-legged, properly winged, and fire-breathing. Whoever designed the Mega Evolution appears to have mistaken Pokémon with Transformers, as Mega Salamence appears to think it’s a flying vehicle, a fleshy jet with hilarious, yet painfully constricted arms tucked into some new stomach suspenders. Then there’s the ridiculous wings that look as though they were cut from a pink sheet of plastic and shaped into a devilish smile—then glued onto the back of a turtle-like Salamence.

Contests, which debuted in the original Pokémon Sapphire and Ruby games, make their return in Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. The contests pit Pokémon against each other in competitions to determine who is the coolest, toughest, or cutest, instead of seeing who the best murderer on the block is.

Most importantly, the trailer announces that a distribution event will start the day that the two games are released, November 21st. The Pokémon that will be distributed is a shiny Beldum holding a Mega Stone, which will allow its final form, Metagross, to become Mega Metagross. The shiny version of the Beldum family replaces the simple blue and grey color scheme with a more lavish combination of silver and gold.

Last year, Pokémon X and Y received a similar distribution event, where a Torchic holding a Mega Stone was given out. The event lasted about four months from when the game first released. Therefore, it’d make sense for the shiny Beldum promotion to last just as long, if not longer. Either way, it’d be prudent to get the game near release to receive the Beldum, as Metagross is an incredibly strong Pokémon with high stats and a powerful typing of Steel/Psychic.

If it’s anything like last year, then participating in the distribution event will be simple. Just have your 3DS connected to the internet, and there should be an option to receive the gift in the main menu, which can then be found somewhere in-game—most likely the Pokémon Center. The important part is just to have the 3DS successfully connected.

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