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Shiny and sticky valentines

Valentines Day will be here soon, and all kinds of crafting projects will be enjoyed by children at home, school, and early learning centers. Making a valentine for friends and family presents an opportunity for children to experiment with colors, textures, and many kinds of paper for creating a valentine. Cardboard, contact paper, and even shiny foil can be interesting choices for paper to begin creating a beautiful valentine.

Smiling valentines
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An easy valentine project for young children that doesn't need glue can be a great choice when you also want easy clean-up after the project. Materials to gather for this project include clear contact paper, sequins, foam cut-outs, pretty fabric scraps, and other items of choice that will stick to the contact paper.

*Cut heart shapes from the clear contact paper. A variety of sizes of hearts can encourage children to experiment with decorating in a given space.

*Put out sequins, foam cut-outs, pretty fabric scraps, and small containers of colored glitter that can be sprinkled onto the contact paper hearts. Colored yarn and construction paper pieces are also great choices for creating a mosaic effect on the contact paper hearts.

*Use a hole puncher to punch a small hole in the tops of the decorated hearts and thread a yarn hanger onto the completed valentine. The decorated contact paper hearts can also be strung together as a necklace.

Foil is also an intriguing choice of paper for creating a valentine. Children's World in Sarasota is offering Foil Art on February 5 from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. for children to come in and create a foil holographic project. This is a fun opportunity for children to experiment with making a sparkly valentine project to keep or to give away.

Children's World is located at 4523 Bee Ridge in Sarasota. Parents may call 941-955-6999 for information about participating in Foil Art for Valentines Day. Check out the Facebook page at to interact and see all of the foil creations after the event.

Check out the included video to see more ideas for making valentines.

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