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Shingles Virus

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Do not get Shingles confused for flea bites or some other type of bite, rash, or other types of skin conditions.

Darrell went to bed one night and woke up the next morning with his back inching so he rubbed his back on a door opening to relieve the itch.

That same day Darrell started having a urge to scratch a itch he felt on the front of his chest and slightly rubbed it and that seem to relieve the itch.

When Darrell got home that evening he took a shower and when he started drying his back and chest he looked in the mirror and saw what he thought was a complication from being bit by fleas.

So Darrell thinking he had been bitten by fleas started to treat himself for flea bites.

After Darrell had treated himself for three days he noticed the area that was infected was spreading to his side and back and it was then Darrell made a appointment with a dermatologist to seek treatment before this irritating skin condition got any worser.

After seeing the dermatologist Darrell was diagnosed with a case of shingles and was prescribed ValACY clovar HCI 1 GM, and some Benadryl Original Strength Itch Stopping Cream to help control pain and itching symptoms of the shingles virus.

The shingles virus can be spread to others by coming in contact with the infected area of the body by touching the infected area without protection such as medical gloves to cover your fingers and hands.

Shingles is somewhat painful and the painful effects of shingles depends on the how much of the body the shingles virus has infected.

According to studies and most dermatologist have found through research if you have a recent surgery or incision, or stress can trigger the shingles virus to become active in your body.