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Shih Tzu Rescue Needs Help

A Rescued Shih Tzu
Photo by Sandra Eastman

Animal advocate in crisis

The organization known at STRMN or Shih Tzu Rescue of Minnesota has long been known as an advocate for animals, particularly Shih Tzu or Shih Tzu mix dogs. All adoption applicants are carefully scrutinized and STRMN relies heavily on utilizing their foster parents in screening potential new adoptive parents,

Volunteers Needed

Many orphans are abandoned and in need of a good home. Requests for rescue come in on a daily basis due to the death or illness of an owner or lack of finances (two of the most common causes). Many of the foster parents are former or current Shih Tzu owners. They find it a great fulfillment in their lives. Unfortunately, STRMN’s mission of recuing as many Shih Tzu’s as possible has been greatly hampered by a continual shortage of foster parents.

A Call for help

STRMN is reaching out today for a number of greatly needed volunteers to consider being a part of the organization as a foster parent. Fostering can be done with one dog at a time or numerous. A volunteer may choose the age group and personality of the dog they wish to foster. STRMN provides all costs of care including food, supplies and vetting expenses, in addition to a trained mentor to aid in the adjustment period.

STRMN needs your help. If you will consider being a foster parent, please contact STRMN via their website and click on the link for “VOLUNTEER”. You will find an online application to complete or you can pass the form along to someone you know who might be interested in fostering.

There is no obligation and any questions are welcomed. STRMN is always reachable through their website regarding adopting or fostering.

A small donation can help in a big way

In today’s climate of high costs and veterinary care it is becoming increasingly difficult for rescue organizations to survive. Any donation of time and/or monetary aid are always appreciated. STRMN is a rescue group of the highest integrity and strives to continue working as an advocate for needy animals.

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