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Shih Tzu, Peke, Lab killed in violent home invasion by 2 pit bulls

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When you leave your dogs locked in the safety of your home, the last thing you expect to find when you return hours later is your house looking like a crime scene, your three dogs dead, and the two dogs who apparently carried out the home invasion still present. But that's what happened to Jennifer Barger last week in the Nevada town of Spanish Springs, and yesterday the two dogs who launched the attacked were destroyed, according to an article released yesterday in the Reno Gazette Journal.

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Barger thought her much loved dogs Jill, a black lab, Gucci, a Shih Tsu, and Buddy, a Pekingese, were safe in her locked home, with a fenced yard around it.

However on Friday, two pit bulls who had a history of escaping the wood fence in their back yard managed to break through a fence in Barger's back yard, crossed the yard, and broke into the house through a small doggie door.The metal gate to the yard had been mangled by the dogs.The dogs

When Barger arrived home, she found two pit bulls she did not know hanging around the lifeless body of Jill in a bathroom, with blood splatters everywhere. Gucci and Buddy had also been mauled to death. Animal services representatives said it appears that Gucci and Buddy were killed first, and then the two pit bulls attacked Jill, the lab. Somehow, the fight ended up in a bathroom, and the activity pushed the door closed, keeping the two perpetrators from leaving the scene of the crime.

Despite her grief, Barger was quick to not point fingers at the pit bull breed. The Reno Journal Gazette quotes her saying:

"I'd like to say this isn't a pit bull issue. I don't care if it was a pack of rabid poodles. It's about irresponsible pet owners."