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Michael Jace arrested in wife's death: April Jace murder timeline

April Jace and husband Michael Jace in happier times.
April Jace and husband Michael Jace in happier times.

April Jace is dead. Her husband, Michael Jace, has been arrested, CNN is reporting today. Authorities say actor Michael Jace, star of "The Shield", was originally detained for questioning in the fatal shooting death of his wife but is now charged with murder. 40-year-old April Denise Jace, a mother of three, was found dead in her Hyde Park home around 8:30 p.m on Monday. The couple's two children watched as Michael Jace shot their mother to death.

April Jace was shot dead in her home. The children were home at the time of the shooting.

Los Angeles police were dispatched to the home after neighbors called 911 reporting shots of fire in the 5400 block of South Brynhurst in the Hyde Park neighborhood, according to the Los Angeles Times. When investigators arrived they found the body of a deceased female with gunshot wounds to the body. The woman was identified as April Jace. Police detectives also observed children inside the home.

Police are not giving a clear motive for the shooting at this time but state the 911 call was "domestic violence" related. KCAL news was on the scene where they captured footage of "The Shield" actor outside the home. He was visibly upset.

New Jersey native Michael Jace is known for his roles in "Forest Gump" and 2001's "Planet of the Apes." The couple had been married for about 11 years. April Jace, originally from Inglewood, Calif., graduated from Hawthorne High and attended Cal State Fullerton. Most currently, she worked for Biola University. April Jace leaves behind thee sons, Nehemiah and Caleb, and an older son, Savoy Brown.

Case background: In 2003, Michael Jace marries his wife April D Laune, according to her Facebook page. She is a vibrant mother who adores her children. April Jace often spends time homeschooling her kids, meeting with members of her wellness group, and sharing hearty meals with friends and family. When there is time, she loves to drink Chai tea and make pancakes and turkey sausage for her children for breakfast.

TMZ reports that in 2011, Michael Jace files Chapter 13-bankruptcy due to financial hardship. In 2013, Michael Jace falls behind again, causing tremendous economic stress in the marriage. Around this same time, April Jace ceases to make public posts to her Facebook. In March 2013: She begins working at Biola University as a financial aid counselor. In June 2013, she posts a beautiful couple's photo with the caption: "Happy 10 yr anniversary to us!"

A family member congratulates her with the following message: "Congrats! Love y'all so much. Thx for being a great example for me. I would never believe I could be happy or be married if not for you two encourage me."

Michael Jace timeline in the fatal shooting death of his wife, April Jace: On Monday, May 19, 2014 at around 8:30 p,m., Michael Jace is home alone when his children and wife enter the home. According to public records obtained by TMZ, at some point during the evening, the couple begins fighting about money. The fight escalates, resulting in Michael Jace shooting and killing his wife in front of their two small children. He then calls 911 and tells dispatchers: "I've shot my wife." Police arrive on the scene, where they find April Jace's body.

She is pronounced dead. Hyde Park neighbors also call 911 around the same time. Police place hand cuffs on Michael Jace and take him into custody for questioning. The distraught two younger children are taken to the police station until a family member arrives.

One neighbor of Michael Jace makes the following post on Instagram: "My neighbor the actor "Michael Jace" just killed his wife on my block. Smh!!....R.I.P April." At 1:00 a.m. Police tell media outlets that Michael Jace has not been arrested. At 4:00 a.m. Michael Jace is charged with the murder of his wife.

The Media Relations Department at Biola University released the following statement from Barry H. Corey: “We are obviously shocked and saddened by this terrible news, to lose a wonderful colleague, mother and friend. The Biola family will stand with this precious family and the employees who are grieving today, and my prayer is that the God of all comfort will be our refuge and peace.”

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