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Shia LaBeouf escorted out from Broadway theater by police

Shia LaBeouf Arrested
Shia LaBeouf Arrested
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

On Thursday evening June 26, 2014 Shia LaBeouf was escorted by police out of a New York City Broadway theater for disorderly conduct. The Hollywood actor was screaming obscenities during the play.

LaBeouf was at Studio 54 in Manhattan. He was watching the Broadway show "Cabaret."

Police report that the actor was yelling profanity which was distracting audience members from being able to enjoy the performance of this classic musical.

A representative for"Cabaret" reports that Shia LaBeouf was "disruptive during Act 1" and was promptly taken away by the police during the show's intermission.

LaBeouf is a 28-year-old actor best known for his work in the film "Transformers." He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct as well as criminal trespass. The actor was released by the authorities Friday directly after his court appearance.

The hollywood star was clad in a tee-shirt, jeans and boots. He went straight to his hotel while swarmed by the media. Despite multiple reporter's efforts to get his words on the events, LaBeouf refused to comment.

The actor will return to court on July 24.

This is not LaBeouf's first interaction with the law. In 2007, he was arrested and ultimately walked away with a criminal misdemeanor of trespassing. He went to a Walgreen's store on three distinct occasions at 4 a.m. At a later point in time, LaBeouf spoke about the David Letterman incident stating the following: “Drinking and driving is one thing, but drinking and shopping... it's just as bad." This particular charge was later dropped.

LaBeouf's wacky behavior has been in the news over the years. In January, he dramatically stated to the media that he was "retiring from all public life." This was after accusations were made that he plagiarized content for his short film from a comic book. In another bizarre stunt, the actor walked the red carpet wearing a paper bag which read: "I am not famous anymore" then he hosted a one-man-show entitled: "#IAmSorry."

This former child star has an impressive film resume including "Indiana Jones" "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps," and "Disturbia."

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