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Shia LaBeouf’s 911 call released; ALS Ice Bucket Challenge completed

Saturday, TMZ revealed the 911 call that Shia LaBeouf made last week. According to the report, the young actor was calm, cool and collected during his call. In the background of the tape you can hear the woman’s voice saying she is in Shia’s house. The operator, finally convinced there is an emergency patches Shia through to the LAPD.

Shia  LeBeough takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and recently confronted woman stalker
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

During his call you can hear Shia’s distraction as he tells the unidentified woman: “Don't touch me.” It is said in a calm way, which is something of an achievement, given that the young man has been stalked by the woman for three weeks.

According to Sunday’s Breaking News report the emergency call resulted in the arrest of Graciela Nahle, a 31 year old woman that has showed up on Shia’s doorstep at least two other times. According to reports Nahle was jailed for just four days.

Shia LaBeouf has also hit the news headlines recently after taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. As you can see in the video – LaBeouf is able to keep a perfectly calm face as the ice water drenches his t-shirt. Originally challenged by Kris Van Damme, Shia took the drenching and then named Marina Abramovic as the person he challenges.

LaBeouf is dating Mia Goth and reports of the couple having a romantic lunch and strolling through studio city while holding hands was reported yesterday by Daily Mail. The report included several pictures of the couple together and commentary on Shia’s healthier lifestyle that includes a better diet, biking and working out in the gym.

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