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Shia LaBeouf NSA warning in 2008 was right

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Shia LaBeouf NSA warning in 2008 turned out to be very prescient. LaBeouf did his best to warn us all during and interview with Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show." According to the United Press International on June 11, 2013, a video of the interview has resurfaced.

“'I remember talking to an FBI consultant telling me that they can use your ADT box to get the stuff going on in your house. Or that they can use OnStar to shut your car down.'"

The Shia LaBeouf NSA warning video can be found here. This pre dates the Edward Snowden whistleblower event by five years. Snowden revealed recently that he was actually the source of leaked documents outlining "NSA surveillance activities." LaBeouf told Jay of his interesting conversation with an FBI consultant before the filming of "Eagle Eye," who told him that, " in five phone calls which you make are recorded and logged." Only now do we realize the extent of the surveillance.

Around the time Shia LaBeouf made his NSA warning he was also making his career breakthrough in 2007 but hit some snags in 2008 even though he was in some high profile film projects including "Eagle Eye." He received mixed reviews for that film as well as "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."

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