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Shia LaBeouf head-butts guy in bar brawl: Is he addicted to apologizing?

Shia LaBeouf is apologizing once again, after allegedly head-butting a fellow patron in a London pub Thursday. Video of the incident shows Shia, 27, acting conciliatory after the incident, repeatedly saying in slurred speech, "I'm super normal", as seen above and on TMZ on Jan. 17. LaBeouf was supposedly reacting to the other guy saying something derogatory about his girlfriend Mia Goth's mom.

Shia LaBeouf seems to be addicted to apologizing lately, as Thursday he had to do so after head-butting a patron in a London pub.

This latest incident can't help but make you wonder, after recent events surrounding Shia, whether the "former" actor is addicted to apologizing.

The fight went down in a pub called Hobgoblin in South London, which is considered a pretty rough part of town. Click here to see the clip of the actual head-butting incident.

As the event unfolds, you can hear Shia going ballistic on the guy, shouting, "What did you just say?", over and over. In the video footage shortly afterwards LaBeouf appears much calmer and apologetic.

Us Weekly notes how the alleged altercation comes just on the heels of the former Disney actor's strangest month yet. Shia was recently snagged in a plagiarism controversy surrounding a screenplay he wrote.

The actor apologized for his actions, going so far as to hire a skywriter to issue yet another apology in the clouds. Then last week he announced he was quitting acting and basically said he was no longer famous.

That became comic fodder for comedian Jim Carrey who took a poke at him at Sunday's Golden Globes. A Twitter feud broke out when LaBeouf responded by suggesting Carrey was a bad dad by being an absent parent. Shia of course later apologized.

And this wasn't even the first time LaBeouf was in a fight in the same London pub. He was involved in a brawl at Hobgoblin in November of 2012.

His bar fight history doesn't end there either as he also got a beat down on a street outside a Vancouver bar in 2011.

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