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Shia LaBeouf arrested: Actor kicked out of theater for disorderly conduct

Shia LaBeouf Arrest
Shia LaBeouf Arrest
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Actor Shia LaBeof is in trouble again after a big arrest for disorderly conduct. On Thursday, US Magazine shared the news about what happened to put him behind bars again. Fans loved him when he was younger in the show "Even Stevens." This actor is very famous but he has not been a good role model in a long time. He at Studio 54 and started upsetting people the way that he was acting. During the show he was talking to people and even slapping them on the behind. It sounds like he was not acting himself at all.

This all happened on Broadway during a big production of the play "Cabaret." Michelle Williams stars in this play along with Alan Cumming. Reports are that he was chain smoking in the theater and just causing a lot of problems. It would have not been okay for anyone to act that way that he was acting while at the play.

When the police took him away, he fell while trying to get away from them and then was in tears while the officers were taking him away. Things did not go as planned for him for the night. Shia LaBeof was put behind bars on charges of criminal trespass and also disorderly conduct.

US Magazine shared an update that he was even spitting at the police and yelling at them asking if they knew who he was but obviously it didn't matter with the way that he was acting. He spent some time in a holding cell and then was released from jail. Shia LaBeof did have to go be arraigned at Midtown Community Court. When he left the court, he was looking pretty bad and had on a blue shirt that was torn. It is unknown what is going on with him but he has been acting strange for a while now.