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Shetan Noir writes a new page for urban magicians

Bright Blessings.

Cover of Intro to Hood magic
Shetan Noir

On Sunday February 16th, just in time to catch her while preparing for her appearance ConVocation 2014 this upcoming weekend, Shetan Noir agreed to do an interview about her new book “Intro to Hood magic: Modern magic for the urban pagan”. Accomplished author, international performer, speaker, teacher, and magician, this renaissance woman is a house of fire. So hold on to your stars and pestles while we catch a moment with a woman who casts sparkles in the air with sequins and magic.

“Okay, first things first, who are you and what does your name mean?”

“My name is Shetan Noir, it translates to the Devil Black, Shetan is Arabic for devil and Noir is French for black.”

“Why did you pick that name?”

“I started belly dancing over 10 years ago and wanted a name that was not wimpy or flowery. So many dancers here using names like that. I am not your typical looking belly dancers, SO I refused to have a typical belly dancer's name.”

“How long have you been a practitioner? I have been working with magic for 18 years. “

“What do you practice?”

“I practice a blend of Folk magic, Kitchen witch, Hoodoo, Petition magic and candle magic. Combined all together I call it hood magic.”

“Are you religious? If so, how does this come to play in your life as a magician?”

“LOL, I accompany my mom to her Lutheran church twice a year, for Christmas eve and Easter day services. I was Baptiste Lutheran and was forced to go through communion classes as a teen. I see attending these services as an excellent opportunity to collect magic supplies for Hood magic. The nice white candles used for silent night at the end of the Christmas eve work great for protection magic.”

“What is your primary school of magic?”

“You mean like Hogwarts? Lol, Just kidding! I would say folk magic and hood magic.”

“How did this book get its name?”

“Normally with my book titles its something catchy like To fight fire with fire or Sticks and stones. The title works with what the book is about. Sticks and stones was my first book and worked a lot with teaching what herbs and stones to use for certain spells. To fight fire with fire is about Protection Magic, The other side of the coin is about Prosperity magic. So Intro to Hood magic is just that, An introduction to a modern way of doing magic.”

“Is this a book on folk magic, Hoodoo, or something else?”

“Intro to Hood Magic is the adaptation of folk magic for the modern urban world. Blends of magic and practices melded together into it's own unique form. A modern way of casting spells with age old methods using herbs, written and spoken words, oils and more, The traditional methods becoming reborn with new life and intent!”

“What can a reader expect to find in this book that is different from the books already out here on folk magic?”

“Readers can expect to find some of my original spells, Like the can of whoop ass spell for clearing a house of unwanted spirits and paranormal creatures.”

“This is not your first book. How does it differ from your other books?”

“Intro to Hood magic is based more on how to work with magic in the confines of the modern world. Using well known spell components that can be found with ease and a fresh approach to ways to practice.”

“Can a beginner use this book?”

“Yes, Intro to Hood magic is great for the Beginner. I have a whole chapter on ways to disguise your altar and spell kits so you do not have privacy issues and can work as you want.

“I understand you will be teaching at ConVocation 2014 this weekend. What workshops will you be presenting”

“I will be teaching the Hood magic workshop on Thursday night and my Not another boring belly dance class on friday morning.”

“How do you go about preparing for workshops on magic?”

“LOL, by researching my notes and picking facts and info that may have not been added into my books. I also make sure my protection jewelry is fully amped and ready to take hits.”

“What moved you to teach others?”

“Well Someone has too, I do my research and experiment with my spell work to see what works. If I can teach someone a new spell or give them a wider view of how things can be done, Then I see that as teaching.”

“How do your classes and books make you unique?”

“Because I am unique and have my own view of how to do things and approach topics with new insight.”

“What other venues have your workshops?”

“I teach at a lot of conventions on a lot of subjects. From belly dance to self-publishing. I am always adding new conventions to my schedule.”

“I know you are also a Belly Dancer. Do the two paths ever cross?”

“Yup, at conventions and events. I am normally teaching, performing and vending all at the same events so I go from Selina Kyle to catwomen and back again.”

“How do you use mirrors for magic Bellydance?”

“I heard there was a class you taught a few years back on this. That workshop was based on using Shisha mirrors as protection elements. When you make your own Shisha mirrors you was working your energy into them. When not enhance the shisha mirrors with spells. Depending on what color DMC thread you use to do your stitch work with. You can incorporate many spell functions into your costume.”

“What do you feel is the most important thing that someone should come away with after reading your new book”

“Ideas on how to make magic work for them and a lack of excuses for why they can't cast a spell.”

“Is there a sequel in the works?”

“Yes, There will be another book on Hood magic, Not sure of the title yet, Maybe something like It came from the hood or When in Doubt unleash a sh***y Chicken or maybe something simple like Hood magic and Spells. “

“Where can people find your books?”

“At Amazon

“Are there audiobooks or videotapes in the future?”

“Not for any of the pagan books. I may do DVD's of belly dance costume making.”

“Okay, bonus question, what is your favorite magical herb and why?”

“Orange mint and Lemon Verbena. Both are used in prosperity magic and success magic.”

“What advice do you have for young magicians?”
“Learn, research, explore, Keep an open mind and avoid tunnel vision!”

“What is next for Shetan Noir?”

“Travel, research and more writing. I am working on the Second Hood magic book but also a book on belly dancing with snakes. The title will be “Snake Charmed”. Should be out by June 2014. A book on Petition magic, that will be out late next year. Working title is “Mightier Than The Sword”. I also do travel writing so I have lots of trips coming up that I will be writing about. If I can fit it into my schedule there is also a Day of the Dead ancestral magic book, that would require a trip to Mexico. I also have ideas for a adventures of the great lakes book series and maybe webshow series. The adventures would based on researching Paranormal accounts, Treasure hunting, Urban exploring.”

“Is there anything else you would like for your readers to know about you or your work?”

“Feel free to check out my travel articles at, its written under my pen name of Tracy Herrell and check out my other books To fight fire with fire: Protection magic, The other side of the coin: spells to enrich your bank account and life. (Volume 1), Sticks and Stones,: A book of curious spells and unique information,

"Hood magic is an adaptation of urban magic, hoodoo and folk magic blended into it's own unique blend.”

It looks like we can expect for Shetan Noir to be around for a long time to come.

You can see her at ConVocation 2014 this weekend.

Be Blessed!

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