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Sheryl Underwood wears Depend underwear in commercial aired during Emmy Awards

Not only are people talking about who won the Emmy awards and who wore what on the red carpet, but viewers are also talking about Sheryl Underwood's commercial about Depend adult diapers. Underwood is a spokeswoman for Depend, and she is brave enough to let people know she wears them. She talks about her own incontinence during a Depend commercial that aired in the middle of the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards broadcast on NBC on Monday, according to a report.

Many people know that Depend is the company that makes absorbent, disposable underwear for adults who are living with bladder leakage known as incontinence. Underwood said she wears Depend because of a bladder leakage after having a hysterectomy, and she has to live like this for the rest of her life. She shows in the above video that wearing Depend does not interfere with her daily activities.

The comedian and talk show host has partnered with Kimberly-Clark's Depend brand to share her personal experience with bladder leakage as part of Drop Your Pants for Underwareness, a cause to bring the issue and Depend underwear out of hiding. Underwareness is Depend brand's largest effort to help break down the stigma of bladder leakage and support the one in four Americans who experience it.

The campaign has been going on since last week, but most of its exposure came when millions watched the commercial during the Emmy Awards show. The commercial caught a lot of people by surprise. A comment in the online section of New York magazine said some people mocked the commercial. One person said that's more than she wants to know about Underwood or anyone else.

Underwood is not the first celebrity to speak about incontinence. Actress Helena Bonham Carter said that she suffered from the condition after giving birth to her second child, and Samuel L. Jackson has also talked about his bladder leakage.

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