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Sherri Shepherd sheds 60 pounds with Plan D diet: Her low-carb weight loss tips

Find out how Sherri lost 60 pounds.
Find out how Sherri lost 60 pounds.
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After losing more than 60 pounds in her battle against both the bulge and diabetes, Sherri Shepherd wants to share her weight loss secrets with the world. She talked with "Good Morning America" on Jan. 13 about her approach, which she's calling "Plan D."

When she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Sherri says that she vowed to get healthy for her son. Her own mother lost her life to the disease, and Sherri used her desire to live a long, healthy life to motivate her. Sherri's written about her diet and fitness plan in "Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes (Even If You Don't Have It)."

Just as experts advise, Sherri has lost the weight in stages. She first achieved a milestone of losing more than 40 pounds in August, and then told People magazine that she shed 20 pounds more for a new milestone.

Sherri told "Good Morning America" that she keeps off the weight with these strategies:

  • Cook ahead: "On Sunday afternoons, I like to cook a few basic dishes that I know will get eaten during the week."
  • Veggies for breakfast: "Having vegetables in the morning is one way to ensure your breakfast is a healthy one, and it also gives you a head start on meeting your veggie servings for the day."
  • Do strength-training: "Invest in a set of light hand weights for upper body strength training. Or make your own with stuff around the house: grab a couple of food cans, use a pair of unopened water bottles."
  • Build a support system: Encourage your family to join you by "trying new foods, cooking and helping in the kitchen, getting out for exercise."
  • Sweeten your foods with cinnamon: "Not only is cinnamon a great flavor booster, spicy and aromatic, it also has health benefits."

Sherri's plan is a low-sugar, low carb diet, according to Medical Daily. Her husband, Lamar Sally, does most of the cooking, and their favorite snack is kale with sautéed green peppers, olive oil, and garlic.

She's confessed to doing “push-ups against the [kitchen] counter” and lunges while doing laundry.

“'I have learned to turn my house into a gym,” Sherri revealed.

“I want to live, and I'm going to beat this thing. I feel so blessed."

In addition to strength-training, Sherri told ABC News that she's become a believer in the benefits of Zumba fitness.

"I do Zumba every night. I find a Zumba class, or put in my DVDs," she said about the dance fitness routine.

Sherri Shepherd's Pantry Staples:

  • Beans
  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Healthy whole grains
  • Garlic and onions
  • Canned tomatoes
  • Frozen fruit and vegetables
  • Nuts and nut butter
  • Leafy greens
  • Apples
  • Citrus fruit
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