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Sherri Shepherd refuses to pay child support for surrogate baby with Lamar Sally

Sherri Shepherd
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Samsung

Sherri Shepherd is refusing to pay child support for the surrogate baby she planned with Lamar Sally. TMZ reports on Saturday that the former “The View” star does not want to be involved in the child’s life because she feels it is not her baby. The surrogate is carrying a child who is biologically related to Sally, but the baby has no genetic connection to Shepherd.

Shepherd allegedly claims that Sally convinced her to have a surrogate carry his child because he wanted her to pay child support after a divorce. She believes he plotted a way to guarantee monthly payments would be coming from the former TV host for years. The baby is expected to be born at the end of this month, but Shepherd is already making her own plans for how to handle the arrival. Sally previously requested that the court prevent Shepherd from sharing the identity of the surrogate because he does not want anything to happen to the child.

The couple has a contract with the surrogate, but it is not clear if the terms will allow Shepherd to simply walk away without any responsibility. She allegedly wants no paternal rights because the surrogate’s baby is not biologically related to her. She has one son from a previous relationship who is not related to Sally. Meanwhile, Sally has requested full-custody of the surrogate’s baby, so her concerns about his desire for large child support payments may be valid.

Both Sally and Shepherd have filed divorce papers, but the case may take weeks to resolve. It does not appear that they are ready to negotiate in a friendly way or settle out of court. Shepherd is trying to focus on her life after “The View,” and her official Twitter account avoids the entire surrogate baby drama.

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