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Andi Dorfman to 'The View' with Sherri Shepard, Jenny McCarthy out?

Is Andi Dorfman heading to 'The View' after 'The Bachelorette'?
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

As news spreads that Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy are out of “The View,” some are buzzing that perhaps “The Bachelorette 2014” Andi Dorfman will head to New York to join the cast. Is this one for real? According to Gossip Cop on Friday, no, it's not.

While Andi Dorfman has resigned from her gig as a lawyer in Atlanta, it seems it is not accurate to say that “The Bachelorette 2014” will join “The View.” It is true that Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy are out, and that at the moment only Whoopi Goldberg remains. It seems that McCarthy was fired while Shepherd departed over contract negotiations that broke down.

As for Dorfman, it seems that “The View” rumors came from Hollywood Life, but Gossip Cop says there's zero truth to them. As the site points out, the HL report contained numerous inaccuracies aside from the Dorfman buzz. In addition, a show insider tells Gossip Cop that the rumor that Andi is on the short list for “The View” is “absolutely not true.”

There have also been rumors that Andi and her chosen guy will both head to “Dancing With the Stars” this fall. It's too soon to tell whether that one will pan out, though casting spoilers should head up later this summer. Granted this is a rumor that wouldn't come completely out of left field.

Numerous previous “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” contestants have participated on "Dancing With the Stars," and it does seem that Andi's calendar is fairly open at the moment. Given “The Bachelorette” spoilers regarding who she chooses, however, most fans would be a bit surprised to hear of any cross-country moves for Dorfman. Never say never, of course, but most are betting that Andi will stay based in Atlanta for the most part.

Who do you think should join “The View” now that Sherri Shepard and Jenny McCarthy are out? Do you think Andi Dorfman has a future in the entertainment business? Tune in to ABC's “The Bachelorette 2014” airing on Monday nights to see just how this season pans out for the Atlanta gal.

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