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Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy go topless on The View

Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy topless
Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy topless
the view

On Tuesday April 1 comedians Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy appeared topless during the last segment of their popular daytime talk show The View.

Towards the end of the show a racy clip was shown from HBO hit series ‘Girls’ featuring Lena Dunham’s character and her boyfriend on the show. The cameras spanned back over to McCarthy and Shepherd before the two removed their shirts. Two digital black boxes where strategically placed covering their upper torso.

The two hosts jokingly pointed out the popularity of the show’s star Dunham and the added attention she gets for being partially or fully nude on the show.

"You know, Lena, she gets press every week for being naked, we're jumping on the bandwagon." Shepherd joked.

"It's true," McCarthy added. "We want more ratings, too."

"Wait a minute. Look at my box. Why is my big black box so much bigger than yours?" she complained. "You got the cute little rectangle box. Mine, the whole family could fit. I want your box!"

The show ended with Shepherd still pointing out the large size of her box while McCarthy appropriately stated, "Take a little time to enjoy our view."

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