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Sherren’s Glassworks in Clinton, WA: beautiful, functional glass art

The chicken coop at Sherren's Glassworks
The chicken coop at Sherren's Glassworks
Carolyn Tamler

Sherren Anderson remembered collecting paperweights as a child. But, it took many years for her childhood passion to work its way into her adult world. Today, Sherren’s Glassworks in Clinton displays a broad array of her artistry with glass, everything from $14 coasters to a $5,000 framed stained glass picture of a whale.

Entrance to Sherren's Glassworks
Carolyn Tamler

Sherren and her husband, Scott, live on five acres in Clinton, Washington that includes Sherrens Glassworks, as well as a charming chicken coup that is home to 27 “girls.”

Before moving to Clinton, Sherren and Scott had living in Snohomish County. While still living in there, Sherren decided to visit Covenant Art Glass in Everett. She said that first visit several years ago had a lifelong impact on her: “I was inspired.” She began visiting Covenant Glass regularly and taking classes.

In 2002, Sherren opened her stained glass studio in Clinton. In the spring of 2006, she took a class on fusing glass from Covenant Art Glass and learned a “whole new world of expression.” She still visits Covenant Art Glass frequently and says that the owners, Stan and Colleen Price, are always great about responding to her questions.

Scott bought her a glass fusing kiln for Christmas in 2006. In 2007 she changed the name of her studio to Sherren’s Glassworks to represent all of the different glass processes she now employs. Her glassworks include large stained glass pictures, serving pieces, decorative plates and bowls, nightlights, wall pieces, wind chimes, jewelry, garden art stakes and more.

While maintaining his Boeing job, Scott manages to take care of all of the necessary construction projects including the chicken coop (Scott has received notice that the “girls” need a larger home), the garden shed, raised beds for vegetables and flowers, and whatever future projects may be needed. Sherren added, “He is super supportive of everything I’m doing.”

Sherren says, is always looking for new creative ideas to expand her offerings and can work with customers to make customized pieces.

Responding to the demand, Sherren is now making Seahawk pieces for local fans. “I am always exploring and expanding what I do.”

Sherren’s Glassworks is open Thur. - Sun. from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., but she is often working in her studio at other times and can welcome people who want to stop by; call ahead to be sure she is there: 360-341-2372.

Sherren’s Glassworks studio is at 6713 Cultus Bay Road in Clinton. The website is

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