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Sherman Oaks: Señor Fred Mexican Restaurant

Salmon and with green sauce
Salmon and with green sauce

Located on Ventura Blvd, Senor Fred's lovely inviting exterior does not disappoint once you walk inside, more importantly it does not disappoint when you take a bite.    Señor Fred easily should be ranked as one the best restaurants in the valley.  The layout of the establishment also provides multiple ambiances.  The dining areas whether outside or inside are romantic.  Prime spots for a romantic dinner would be the one both in front of the fireplace and a small elevated bungalow in the back of the bar area.  The red decor seems to fuel the passionate essence.  The outdoor area with its red draperies drive a Mediterranean feel.

Guacamole at Senor Fred's
Crystal A. Johnson


The place is fetching but so is the food.  My dining companion and I began the evening with chips, salsa, guacamole and Margaritas.  My Margarita choice pomegranate and hers had a grapefruit flavor.  She had the better drink.  The salsa is pleasing with a spicy kick.  My friend, a lover of guacamole describes it as the best she has ever had.   After the snacking, we dined on the chopped salad and taquitos.  The chopped salad is classic Southwestern with tortilla croutons, corn, black beans, tomatoes and a cilantro dressing.  The dressing is lightly drizzled on the salad.  The taquitos are perfectly fried.  The restaurant owner takes pride in the cuisine of his establishment lacking lard and providing a lighter take on Mexican food

For our Main course, we had the marvelous lamb shank and a Salmon dish.   The lamb shank  is served with Chile Relleno, finely chopped red onions on the side and Spanish rice.  The meat upon cutting simply falls off the bone.  It is so tender.  Typically, I am not a fan of Chile Relleno but this offering is perfect.  The most popular dish is on the menu is salmon with green sauce.  It deserves this honor but the lamb shank in my opinion would be a result in shared honors.  The salmon is atop  a bed of mashed potatoes, seafood and corn.  The cream based green sauce is the winning touch.

The suggest desserts were the churro and bread pudding.  Both desserts are excellent.  The churro is light fluffy and the chocolate sauce is rich.  The breading is moist and rich with banana flavor.  Not being a fan of chewing into a banana, this dish is more than palatable because the chunks of banana are at the bottom.

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