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Sherman Market: A local food paradise

The new Sherman Market in Somerville is not your average neighborhood grocery store. Opening in early October 2009, this market takes advantage of the new interest in local products. As farmers markets gain in popularity, people are looking to find local products outside of seasonal fruits and veggies. This is where Sherman's comes in. Some fresh produce is available, but everything in the store comes from New England. Chocolate? It's from the Taza chocolate factory, just down the street. Butter? Fresh churned from a farm in Vermont. Bread? Baked this morning in Brookline. There is gelato from Newton, coffee from the cape, even cookies from Barnstable.

Fresh and frozen meats of all kinds are also available, as well as local eggs and cheeses. You can be sure that the beef and chickens have been ethically raised and grass-fed. If you want the latest updates on new products, you can even follow the market on Twitter. Where this market really excels is in their service. With in-depth knowledge of each product that they carry, the staff will chat with you about not only where your product comes from, but ten different ways to cook with it. There even a bakery on site where fresh granola is being made, the smell alone enough to convert you to a Sherman's way of life. It really is a foodies delight, and maybe the greatest pleasure you get is knowing exactly where your food came from.

Find it:

22 Union Sq
Somerville, MA 02143
(617) 666-0179


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