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'Sherlock' returns: Show coming back for Christmas special and three episodes

Benedict Cumberbatch
Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

The popular show "Sherlock" will be returning and fans are excited to hear this news. This show became an early fan favorite when it aired on BBC. On Thursday, Yahoo shared the news that it will be coming back for a fourth season but this is not a big full season. Honestly they have always done stranger seasons for this series.

They won't actually be back on until December of 2015. That is a really long time before it will hit television. This will be a Christmas special that hopefully will go well. After that, they are going to end up also doing a fourth season. It is only three episodes long though. These will air sometimes in early 2016 but there is no exact date yet for these episodes.

Both of the main actors are working hard on other shows. That is what has them so busy and is part of the reason that this show can't actually air any sooner. Martin Freeman is working on the new "Hobbit" movie right now. Benedict Cumberbatch is working on "Black Mass" and is about to start filming "Blood Mountain." They will find a way to get "Sherlock" done as well though.

They are planning to start working on the show in January of 2015. Of course they are already working on ideas and what to expect but there are no spoilers out yet. They are still in the very early stages of planning and nothing at all has been released. If spoilers do come out, then it won't be for a few more months.

Variety shared a bit more about this new season of "Sherlock." Producer Steven Moffat did share that whatever happens next for Sherlock and John is the last thing that fans would expect from them. That spoiler alone is enough to get fans speculating and wondering where this show is going to go in 2015 when it returns to BBC.

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